Artificial Intelligence is on it’s way to rule the world and 50 years from now there is a high chance of less human beings and more machines. We have already seen many scenes in Hollywood and Bollywood movies like this where machines are working for the planet and humans are puppets of the robots.

In India, there are already many news and articles on how the graph of Artificial Intelligence will grow rapidly and there are quite a lot of smart techniques India is implementing to move ahead with time. Having a powerful mission and vision, a good amount of Indian companies have already started investing in AI and seems like these listed companies will take AI forward in India. Let us put some lights on the 11 companies that are taking AI forward.

11 Artificial Intelligence Stocks You Might be Interested to Know About

1) Mphasis

Mphasis is an organization that focuses on solving problems in healthcare, and financial domains. The company has also started providing solutions using the AI methodologies to its clients.

2) Zensar Technologies

No only in India but Zensar Technologies provides AI solutions to various clients from all around the globe. The company aims to expand the deliverables using Artificial Intelligence.

3) Persistent Systems

Having experts of IOT, AI, the company is already having a name in the AI market.

4) Tata Consultancy Services (TCS)

TCS doesn’t need any introduction. Maintaining the top position in being the top IT services company in India TCS is being watched by millions of people who are willing to take stock and invest in AI companies.

5) Intellect Design Arena

The sole purpose of Intellect Design Arena is to provide solutions using Artificial Intelligent solutions to the financial and banking industry.

6) Cyient

Cyient is working on geospital, and engineering and mostly uses the AI solutions.

7) HCL Technologies

Being majorly active in delivering and working on machine learning projects, HCL Technologies is one of those companies that believes in AI and using it to grow.

8) Wipro

Wipro is joining other hands to work on AI and automation services so that they can be capable of contributing in India’s growth in both financial and economical way.

9) Infosys

Infosys has already started providing AI services to various clients.

10) Tech Mahindra

Known as one of the best IT company, Tech Mahindra is providing AI-driven solutions in various domains such as healthcare, telecom, and more.

11) Mind Tree

The forte of Mind Tree is machine learning, data analytics, and automation. The company is trying hands in AI and working really hard to provide best of the best AI-solutions to the clients.