8 Home Repairs You Should Never Do Yourself


Most homeowners today opt for DIY renovations and repairs to learn new skills and save on the cost of hiring a professional. While there are tons of home repairs you could handle on your own, some projects should be left to the experts. Read on for eight home repairs you should never handle by yourself.

1) Plumbing repairs

Most people avoid costly plumbing bills by turning a blind eye to some plumbing issues such as faucet leakage, hoping that it will stop. Others prefer to handle the repair work themselves. This could result in severe repercussions because even the most minor leak could eventually escalate into floods, hurting your home’s structural integrity and leading to expensive repair costs.

Consider handling minor repairs such as swapping showerheads, unclogging the drain-pipe, or replacing old and worn-out faucets. However, unless you have previous welding experience, consider leaving extensive plumbing repairs to an expert. This includes re-routing the sewer lines, hot water line extensions, or installing toilets. Although incorrect plumbing repairs are not as dangerous or life-threatening as electric repairs, they get out of hand quickly and are costly.

2) Electrical repairs

Electrical repairs are the most dangerous home repairs, so you should consider working with a Squamish electrician. However, you can still pull off minor repairs by installing the ceiling fan and changing the switch bulbs, but be sure to approach the process cautiously. Start by switching off the power, then test your switch against the breaker to ascertain that there is no flowing current. You could also consider investing in voltmeters to allow you to test the electric wires for power.

A professional should do extensive repairs, such as replacing or extending circuits. When mismanaged, faulty electric wiring could cause a shock that results in death or burn the house down. A professional does not only ensure proper electrical repairs. They will also help you uphold the building codes mandated for safety reasons, improving the chances of selling your home fast in the future. A professional electrician can also help you secure the relevant permits for extensive projects.

3) Gas leaks

If your home has gas appliances such as dryers, ovens, water heaters, and stoves, you should consider contacting a professional contractor to handle all installation or repair projects. While you can successfully turn the gas off and move the appliance to fix any issues, your repairs could go astray when hooking the gas back up. This could result in gas leakage, leading to carbon monoxide poisoning-the cause of over 400 deaths each year in the United States. Gas leaks can also cause explosions or fires within your home.

4) Major basement upgrade

Investing in a basement renovation is an effective way to give your home more livable square footage. However, do not let the basement transformations programs on your favorite tv show trick you into taking on a major basement renovation yourself. Be sure to handle projects like deep cleaning, then leave more demanding tasks such as digging the floors to raise the basement ceiling, blocking off parts, or breaking walls to an expert.

A basement renovation requires you to add safety details such as fire-blocking and vapor barriers. You also must acquire the necessary permits to handle a major basement renovation. Getting a professional to handle basement repairs does not only get you quality results. It also alleviates the pressure of ensuring your repairs comply with the set local standards.

5) Roofing repairs

Did you know that one-third of all building fatalities result from individuals who fall off the roof? While you can handle minor roof repairs such as replacing the shingles, you may be vulnerable to falling, resulting in injuries or death. Consider hiring a professional to enhance your safety. A contractor is used to climbing up and down the roof and ladder.

If you have a leaky roof, you should consider working with a professional to ensure that the job is handled correctly. Using caulk to repair a leaky roof in a DIY project is not effective, and the leak could cause extensive damage to your roof, upper floor, or attic, necessitating thousands of dollars in repairs.

6) Structural modifications

Any structural work, especially on parts that support your home’s weight, such as the walls and foundations, should be left to a pro. When done incorrectly, structural rebuilds can compromise your home’s structural integrity. You could also hit a water or gas line, which leads to costly modifications. Professionals can determine the best way to transfer the support and evaluate the location of the plumbing and electrical lines to ensure successful repairs without exposing you and your family to danger.

7) Asbestos removal

Most homes used the naturally occurring asbestos to insulate their houses in the past. Asbestos is an excellent acoustic barrier and electricity and heat resistant. However, the Environmental Protection Agency banned the mineral used in the U.S. in 1989, as it was established to be toxic. If you live in an older home with asbestos insulation, you should consider seeking a professional’s service to remove it. While you can handle the asbestos insulation removal by yourself, the mineral poses a danger to nearby people, such as your neighbors.

8) Mold removal

Have you been experiencing irritation on your skin, throat, lungs, eyes, and nose? It could be due to mold growth around your home. Mold is a fungi type that grows in areas with a lot of moisture. Consider removing minor mold from your house by scrubbing the surfaces with water and ammonia. However, contact a professional for toxic mold removal to keep your loved ones safe. A contractor will not only get rid of the mold but will also inspect your home to determine the cause of the fungi, including water leaks, and fix them for a permanent solution.


Home renovations and repairs are costly, and it is understandable to want to cut the costs by taking on the projects yourself. However, handling electric and plumbing repairs, gas leaks, structural modifications, mold and asbestos removal, and significant basement upgrades on your own could compromise your safety, the home’s structural integrity and escalate the problems necessitating expensive repairs. Find the right contractor to handle your home repairs for quality results.

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