Gujarati people in general are sweet tongued. They will always have sweet and nice things to say. A Gujarati girl is like a superwoman. She has almost all qualities a guy looks for in a girl. They posses many traits from being rather too sweet to becoming a Jhasi-ki-Rani! So today we have 7 Reasons Why Dating A Gujarati Girl Is Awesome.

1) Most attractive and very pretty

7 Reasons Why Dating A Gujarati Girl Is Awesome

Gujju girls are the most prettiest in the lost as compared to other girls and yes they have beautiful smile to die for. Gujju girls have those quality you watch in Daily Soaps on T.V,  Simplicity with modern looks is the perfect word for these pretty gujju girls.

2) Always in masti mood and fun loving

gujarati girls are fun loving

With gujju girls you will never feel board as hanging out with these pretty girls is always fun loving and happening.

3) Garba is in there blood

navratri in vadodara

Garba is the most famous festival in Gujarat and it doesn’t matter if a gujju girl works/studies out of Gujarat, they will fly down to attend the garba festival for at least couple of days. If you wake up a gujju girl even at midnight for garba, you will see her doing garba with the same passion as u see it in Navratri.

4) Foodie

vadodara street food

Yes Gujju girls love to tryout different variety of food and yes it has to be spicy. Pani Puri and papdi no lot is there all time favourite. This is the reason why food business in Gujarat is really very successful.

5) Fearless and Jabri by nature

gujarati girls are jabri

One thing you should remember is that you should never arrive up in an argument with Gujju as they are very courageous and you might get slapped hard if you are at fault and doing something wrong.

6) Green Card Holders

If you are looking to settle down in USA, Canada or UK then don’t forget that Gujjus are everywhere. Get ready to get hitched and get a Green Card. This is the easiest way to settle down in a foreign country.

nri bride

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7) Big Fat Gujarati Wedding

If you are dating a Gujju chokri and are thinking to settle down with her then you will have one of the best wedding experience, from mahendi to sangeet and from marriage to reception everything is in style and totally perfect.

lakshmi vilas palace vadodara

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