Sindhi guys are like the Candy flavor we all love- the one that is slightly sour at first but super sweet in the long run! Appealing, isn’t it? In this Life’s roller coaster ride, being with a Sindhi guy, who strides forward with his Larger Than Life attitude, makes each day worth it!

Here are some reasons to start dating a Sindhi Guy!


The Perfectly Masculine yet Cute Boy Next Door!


This rare yet the most desirable combo makes all girls drool over him. With his chiseled physique but “oh, So Cute!” face, any girl can fall head over heels for this one! When you come across that Tall, Fair, and handsome guy- you know he’s heavily infused with the Sindhi Genes!


The Badass Equation:

sindhi best friends


Who would want a guy that would write you poems but not come to your protection! Wouldn’t you rather have the guy who would smash the bad guys with his paws just to save you? Sindhi Guys are filled with protectiveness for their partners. Now that’s appealing- RAWRRRR!


The Party Don’t Start Till I Walk In!

sindhi party

Sindhis- being the Heart and the Liver of the party, know how to take it down! Yah, all people party when something good happens, but Sindhi guys will party regardless of the reason! Even if their friend failed an exam or someone broke up- they will party- trying to cheer their friends up! Now, that’s adorable, right gals?


Super Chill Family!


If you are planning to meet your Sindhi BF’s parents, you need not worry the slightest bit! Sindhis are the most chill tribe around! With fashion-forward moms and open-minded dads, you need not worry about what you wear or how you behave. Chances are- his parents would be cracking humor to make you feel comfortable. Now, which girl wouldn’t want that?

“Save Water, Drink Beer”- Sindhi Guys’ Motto!

“Peg banaaun kabhi naap kay nahin, apni peeyun kisi ke baap ki nahin!”

netflix and chill

Sindhi guys CAN handle alcohol, I mean it! So gals, if you want to just “Netflix and chill” in bed, you have found your perfect partner. Let’s go grab those beer bottles, eh?


One Word, Seven Letters: CHICKEN!

Have you had the Sindhi Chicken Biryani? Probably not! Well, go ahead and try it the next time. Sindhi guys love chicken, and so you can indulge in all those wonderful KFC buckets- guilt free!

And Don’t Worry if you’re a VEGETARIAN: plenty of these cuties are vegetarian also! And we have a lot of amazing vegetarian options in our Sindhi Cuisine!


Commitment Phobia? What’s That?


Sindhi guys value their word and are known to keep their promises. They won’t abandon you when things go downhill! Don’t you wish for that honest, trustworthy guy? – Guest Post By Author Sneha Chandiramani from