Just like festival of lights, north Indians have a total different food for the festival of colors i.e. Holi. Time to gain loads of calories so let’s directly dive into the tray of 7 food items which every North Indian boasts about!

1: Gujiya: Gujiya should be declared as synonym of Holi. This small piece can give huge amount of happiness to every north Indian. They are sheer love if they are made by your mom.

2: Gheeyar: This is Grandfather of Jalebi, Gheeyar-Imarrti-Jalebi is the hierarchical order. It tastes a bit different because it is lesser dripped with sugar syrup to keep it for a longer duration. People also call it a Sindhi dish, but you can easily find in a good sweet shop around.

3: Samosa: Nooo. You are absolutely mistaken. This samosa is a crispy rectangular piece with a sweet stuffing in the center. Google calls it ‘Praghree’. This is usually consumed with gheeyar to make a crispy and sweet combo.

4: Namakpaara: Too much of sweetness is overtaken by Namakpaara. These homemade bites are fav eve snack of everyone which lasts for a longer duration when kept in airtight containers.

5: Potato Chips: The whole year you eat lays & uncle chips, but during Holi season even these are made freshly in home. You eat plates after plates and don’t even realize that it is soo tasty.

6: Red Chilli Papad: These are not usual papad, but the red ones which we all love it for no reason. They just taste yummy when as they are the crispiest thing on this earth when fried.

7: Shakarpara: Shakarpara is a sweet snack prepared at such festivals to offer to guests. It is easy to munch on and tastes delicious too.

These are the dishes you get to eat in every home when you visit for Holi-milan.
Your mouth is already watering, just go to your kitchen, you mom must be busy with some of it for sure.
Invite me also, please. xD
Not a north Indian? Share & Tag that North your Buddy who is home right now for Holidays and ask him to bring them for you guys in hostel!!

Happy Holi!