1) Rumor is that the hot bikini girl in GTA 5 is Kat Upton or Lindsay Lohan but in fact Shelby Welinder is the hot bikini girl. You can have a look in the image below and figure it out.

Shelby Welinder gta 5 bikini girl


2) The actress who played the role of Fresh Prince’s Aunt Vivian is also the real voice of Franklin’s Aunt Denise in GTA 5.

Fresh Prince gta 5


3) Interestingly Famitsu a very famous and highly reputed gaming magazine based in japan has given perfect scores to only 2 western games – Skyrim and GTA 5.

Famitsu rating to gta 5


4) Shawn Fonteno who voices Franklin and Rapper young Maylay who voices CJ in GTA 5 are actually cousins in real life.

cj in gta 5


5) The rival gangs in GTA 5, the Grove Street Gang and the Ballas, have colours based on two footballrival teams in Scotland. Hibernian is green and Heart of Midlothian is purple.

the Ballas and the Grove Street Gang in gta 5


6) Danny Tamberelli of Pete & Pete voices Jimmy, son of Michael De Santa.

Jimmy gta 5


7) Rockstar Games in real hired gangsters to voice in the game as it would look real, the gangsters made many changes in the script to make the scene look authentic.

real gangsters voice in gta


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