Also known as the ‘Boston City of India’, Ahmedabad is a proud place for not only the nation, but specially to Gujarat and its people. It is one of the largest cities of India and has a population of more than 6.3 million people, it is the fastest growing city of India. Ahmedabad has made us all proud Gujaratis not only in the entertainment field, but also the business and international world. Gujaratis from Ahmedabad are spread all over the world and are making us proud with their skills, values and deeds shown to others.

Here are 7 facts about Ahmedabad, you didn’t know are will definitely love to share with others!

1) Ahmedabad was once called Karnavati:

7 Facts About AHMEDABAD That Will Surprise You

During the 11th century, the Solanki Ruler of Patan won war against King Bhil of Ashawal (then Ahmedabad), and established the city named Karnavati. Later in 1411 A.D. the name was changed to Ahmedabad under the order of Sultan Ahmed Shah who named the city after the four saints whose name started with Ahmed. (Wiki)


2) The Logo of State Bank of India is inspired from Kankaria Lake:

The logo of State Bank of India is a blue circle with a small cut in the bottom which depicts perfection and the common man. The logo was designed by The National Institute of Design (NID), Ahmedabad. The logo is a depiction of Kankaria Lake if seen from a height. (Wikipedia)


3) Ahmedabad was the 2nd to build an IIM

IIM Ahmedabad was the second city to build an IIM in after Calcutta in 1961. It is one of the leading business schools in India and in Asia-Pacific region. Led by Vikram Sarabhai, Shri. Kasturbhai Lalbhai and supported by the then Chief Minister of Gujarat, Jivraj Mehta, a group of individuals set up IIMA. This group wove together a union of five actors — the governments at the centre and the state, the local industrialists, the Ford Foundation and the Harvard Business School, in a public private partnership to establish the Institute. (Wikipedia)

4) Dine with the Dead – New Lucky Restaurant

This restaurant in Lal Darwaza area of Ahmedabad wants you to eat with the dead. The restaurant is built on a graveyard that was there years ago. Instead of cleaning up the graveyard, the owner of the restaurant let the graves be in peace and just made room for tables and chairs around the graves for his customers. What a spooky place!

5) Ahmedabad is the former capital of Gujarat

Before Gandhinagar, Ahmedabad was the capital city of the state of Gujarat. The capital was moved to Gandhinagar in 1970.

6) Ahmedabad is known as Manchester of the East or Boston of India:

In the beginning of 20th century textile industry did not improve much. After First World War and the Independence movement led by Mahatma Gandhi the industry has improved further. The title as ‘Manchester of East’ and ‘Boston of India’, was given to Ahmedabad by major industrialists Ambalal Sarabhai and Kasturbhai Lalbhai.

7) Forbes listed Ahmedabad as the ‘World’s 3rd Fastest growing Cities’ in the year 2010

Ahmedabad (whose per-capita incomes are twice that of the rest of India) was listed as one of the fastest growing cities of the world. And proudly it is also one of the metropolitan cities of our India.