Change My Mind memes are based on the photograph of Steven Crowder who is an American-Canadian podcaster. He was once seated behind the sign that says “Male Privilege is a myth / Change My Mind”,  this sign was kept outside of Texas Christian University. In the month of February 2018, this got uploaded on Twitter via Crowder’s account, and since then it has been ruling the memes world and has been shared trillions of times.
There are people who oppose each other on different subjects, and considering this, this statement is a part of the podcast released by Crowder in which his motto is to let people convince him of various serious issues with opposing viewpoints. The post has been roaming on the internet for a long time, and till now it has received 900 retweets, and more than 6000 likes in just 4 days.

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Change My Mind Memes

change my mind meme

change my mind memes change my mind memes

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