Whether you’re traveling for business or heading off on a much-needed vacation, unexpected delays and cancellations can certainly ruin your plans. Reduced staff numbers and pilot strikes are just two reasons behind the travel disruption this summer but don’t panic just yet. With a little planning and these top five tips, you can overcome delays and still enjoy your travel plans:

1) Stay Up to Date

The more information you have, the more you can prepare for potential delays or flight cancellations, so stay up to date with how your airline is dealing with disruption. If you find out your flight is going to be delayed by a few hours before you leave home, for example, you can reduce the amount of time you’ll spend waiting in the airport. Download your airline’s recommended app or set an alert so that you’re immediately notified when their website publishes new information.

2) Get Easy Access to Your Funds

Unexpected travel disruption can mean extra expenditure, so factor this into your budget when you’re planning your trip. As well as making sure you’ve got enough funds to cover the cost of extra hotel stays or transport to alternative airports, make sure you can access your money easily. Using an international money transfer app, like Ria Money Transfer, to send yourself funds can be far cheaper than paying international ATM fees or converting currency at the airport, and you have the added flexibility of being able to transfer money at any time, from any location.

3) Invest in a Portable Charger

If your plans are affected by delays, you’ll want to ensure you can keep yourself entertained while you wait for take-off. From catching up on work on your laptop to watching a movie on your phone, you’ll need a portable charger to make sure your devices stay fully charged amidst the wait. Although some airports do have charging stations, you can expect these to be in high demand and oversubscribed. With your own portable charger, you won’t need to queue for hours or fight the crowds to keep your devices functional.

4) Avoid Unnecessary Connections

When you’re planning a trip, try to book a direct flight to your destination, rather than signing up for connecting flights. If you’re delayed on one leg of your trip, you’re likely to miss subsequent connecting flights, which will add further disruption to your plans. By flying direct, you can increase your chances of reaching your destination on time and minimize stress.

5) Take Carry-on Luggage Only

With long queues for checking in bags and lengthy wait times for baggage collection, only taking carry-on luggage can transform your travel experience. While you won’t be able to take as much with you, you’ll have a more streamlined check-in process, fewer queues to contend with and no chance of your luggage being sent to the wrong destination!

Make the Most of Your Travel Plans Despite Disruption

Delays and cancellations can certainly be stressful but being prepared for them can make it easier to cope. With a flexible attitude and some pre-planning, you can overcome the chaos and still enjoy traveling this summer.