Marriage does not only means living under one roof, it doesn’t matter that you are marrying your love or doing an arrange marriage, it is not only about two people but it is about two families. When two people marry, their families also becomes one and if the understanding between the two is not strong then issues occurs.

10 Things Couples Should Discuss Before Getting Married

Today we are going to discuss on a very sensitive topic and this will be going to help to all those people who are going to marry soon. Below I am going to list the 10 things every couple should discuss before getting married. So, let’s checkout those points:

1) Career:


Nowadays women are not walking behind men, instead they are defeating men in many fields, ask your partner what are her career plans, what she wants to do after marriage. And if you are a woman then you should also take care of your partner’s career plans like what are his future plans, how you both will manage, what he expects from you in professional life and more. Having a good career leads to a good life, you stay away from financial issues and other problems.

2) Parenting:

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Becoming a parent is god’s greatest gift, but it is not mandatory to have a kid just after 1 year of your marriage, right? Discuss with your partner then when they want a kid or what are their thoughts about having a kid. There are many couples who get married and then fight on these kinds of sensitive issues, so it is good to be clear before you tie the knot.

3) Location:

couple location

It is possible that you might have imagined of settling down at a particular place and your partner may have some other plans. So, sorting out where you both want to stay after marriage will be a good option.

4) Past:

Every person has a dark secret and there is nothing bad in it. Everyone passes through difficult situations but it is necessary to tell everything to your partner, before you get married so if in future your past knocks the door, your present will not get affected. By sharing your past with your partner, you will also realize that whether you are marrying the right person or not.

5) Likes and Dislikes:

Knowing your partner’s likes and dislikes is one of the most important factors you must discuss before getting married. Many things will be common and many things will be uncommon, by knowing the uncommon things you can decide how you both will manage to adjust with each other specially if you are doing arrange marriage.

6) Medical History:

medical care couple

Never underestimate the health parameter of your partner because later if something happens, you both will suffer. So, be clear with the medical history of your partner and if you think you can help them with the treatment and you want to stay with them then you must proceed. But there are many people who after knowing the medical condition, prefer to break the relationship.

7) Financial status:

financial status

You should know how much your partner earns, what is the total expense per year, what they do to save money because money is a thing that one can need anytime, and if the financial status of your partner is not so good then the probability of suffering increases. So, being clear with your partner’s status will be a plus point.

8) Know the family:

know the family

As already mentioned above, marriage is not only between two people, it is between two families, so if you will know the family, you will know your partner more. You can have a chit-chat with your partner’s family, have lunch or dinner with them, spend time with them and make them realize that you are the correct choice of their children. Parents always care about their children no matter how old they grow, so getting trusted by the family is equally important.

9) Management:

family management

If both of you decides to work then one more thing you need to take care of is “management”. Working and cleaning the house by only one of you may convert into fights because of work load or stress. So, balancing is important. You can decide that how will you manage the house, who will clean the house or cook the food on weekends and weekdays after office hours or so.

10) Compatibility:

Compatibility in relationship

Ask your partner that whether he or she actually wants to marry you or doing it forcefully? Being happy with your partner is only possible if the other one is happy too otherwise there is no meaning.


Mentioned above are the 10 Things Couples Should Discuss Before Getting Married, don’t neglect any of these points, all points have their own perspective and value in every person’s life. So, if you really want to be happy with your spouse, discuss all these things before you say yes to the marriage.