On Monday Amazon announced its new Amazon Payments Partner Program that will let companies, merchants small and big to tie up with Amazon and offer payment gateway to it’s users using Amazon’s existing system. Well this is a very bad news for PayPal and other similar firms who provide Payment Gateway to e-commerce websites.

Amazon’s Payment Partner Program will launch first in United States, Japan, Germany and United Kingdom which will provide a complete set of tools for e-commerce sites. For example Kartrocket, shopify and etc which allows users to create their own e-commerce store online will be able to use Amaozn’s payment gateway during checkout providing users to quickly complete the payment option as mostly every users is registered with Amazon. So users can use their Amazon account information and checkout.

Shopity and Amazon Payments Partner Program

This is a very successful business run by PayPal and many other firms since years but Amazon can easily become a big player in this industry as it has a large user base, trusted brands and partnership with kartrocket, shopify etc