As you are going older in your life, so does your parents. Life is short, so we need to spend more quality time without parents which is one of the important things we should maintain in our life. Once your parents are growing older, they are unable to hang out with friends so their social circles will eventually become non-existence. This basically happens because most of the friends of your parents will eventually become sick or pass away. Even in most of the cases, friends of your parents eventually go to old age home or retirement community.

As you are on a job, most likely you will also relocate to another location with a better job opportunity. In these situations, your parents will face loneliness which is one of the depressing periods of their life. We would definitely recommend you to spend your time with your parents by inviting them to dinner. As per a study, spending quality time with parents will extend their life along with improving the quality. According to the researches done at University of California, San Francisco, the depressed life initially starts from the lonely period of time which may affect most of the old people and decrease their lifespan.

This study was done on more than 1,600 elderly people, they all are having similar health control and social and economic status. Although the elderly people with loneliness are having high mortality rate compared to who are happy. While the study was on 1,600 elderly people, among them 23% of the elderly people were lonely. While the study was going on, 14% of the lonely elderly passed away within 6 years of study due to low social activities. In the Journal of the American medical association, the study was published which states that one out of three peoples who have crossed the age of 60 most likely to be lonely.

The story also confirms that these elderly peoples are often avoided in social groups or does not get to have an active social life. These peoples are often faced with poor health along with high inflammation level. As a result, they are having low immunity power and abnormal sleep patterns which can affect their health. This study clearly confirms that the elderly peoples were not having active social life will pass away suddenly and will have several health problems compared to other elderly people of the same age and having an active social life. Although the people with loneliness and isolation will most likely have a similar experience, this situation will affect the most to the elderly people.

Show the best way to increase the lifespan of elderly people, as they need to have an active social life which would be the best way to be a lifesaver to them. In order to keep the elderly peoples well, they need to have social bonds. Social bonding one of the most important thing in life for both elderly people and young ones. They can have a quality life which will increase the lifespan and keep them well.

Why Spending Time with your Parents is More Important

So, we would definitely recommend you to start sharing your good moments with your parents, as sharing feelings and having interactions with your parents will be the best thing you can do for them. If you are having children’s, we would suggest you drop them off with their grandpa and grandma, they will have an excellent time with their grandchildren which will bring a little joy to life. Share the similar activities which you both enjoy, enjoy being time spent with your parents which will be a good effect for both you and your parents.