What to Wear When Visiting Glaciers


Visiting glaciers is a popular activity among tourists and travelers. The region around offers some spectacular views of those solid blocks of ice that seem like a continuous mass of ice and some amazing hiking opportunities amidst the rough terrain. Learn why you need to embark on a bucket list Antarctic cruise itinerary to flaunt your best winter clothes.

What to Wear When Visiting Glaciers

No matter where you are going for your trip to for sightseeing glaciers, make sure that you keep warm throughout the trip. Your body will be dealing with cold winds and slippery ice. Sometimes, windy rainstorms can also develop, and thus you need to be well prepared. Winters and even summers can be cold on the glacier. So, dress up warmly and adequately to enjoy your holiday.

Given below are some essential items that you must wear to keep yourself warm and comfortable.

Wool socks– Make sure you get thicker woolen socks to brave the cold in the glacier regions. Thin cotton socks are a big mistake as soon you will find your feet freezing and will be unable to enjoy the trip.

Insulated boots – Invest in good quality winter boots as the feet become very cold on the glacier.  Avoid boots that are made of thinner materials as they will carry less insulation and will not be suitable to keep your feet warm in the freezing cold temperatures of glaciers in the winter.

Visiting Glaciers

Long Pants– Wear good-quality hiking pants and avoid cotton ones as they will get wet and will not dry fast. Shop for synthetic pants that have a good fit and are comfortable to wear. Look for pants that are lined on the inside with insulation and are ideal for a holiday on glaciers in the winter.

Warm Layers – Smarter travelers know the key to keeping warm in glaciers is to wear as many layers a possible. So, you can wear an inner vest, topped by a comfortable long-sleeve shirt and followed by a sweater or jacket.

What to Wear When Visiting Glaciers

Rain Jacket – Most people on the glacier trip are known to carry a rain jacket. After all, rain events are every day in the polar regions, and if it rains, it is sure to get colder and windier. Thus, a rain jacket shell will block out all that rain and cold and keep you warm and comfortable.

A Fleece Hat or Cap – Wearing a fleece hat is highly recommended as it will keep your head warm, especially when the temperatures drop significantly outside. Cold breezes often blow intermittently on the glaciers, and thus it is also important to keep your head and face shield. A hat will also keep your face protected from the bright sun.

It is a well-known fact that people who do not come fully prepared for their trips to the glaciers and do not wear the right clothing and footwear are not able to complete even 25% of the journey! So, ensure that you wear suitable warm and insulated wear to enjoy your trip and the glaciers.

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