Working online is becoming a normal thing today as the number of freelancers across the world grows with every day. As of June of this year, the number of freelance specialists hired grew by nearly 10% across the United States, with about ¾ of all HR managers preferring independent professionals. Such numbers can only mean that the year 2020 is the year of opportunities for freelancers. With the much faster than average rising demand for translators, the freelance language specialist will probably get to the top independent specialists who get a job. The only question that remains is where to look for such a job as the offer is likely to be high, but the decent companies are only a few on the market.

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Top of the Tops

While there’s a lot of translation job platforms for freelancers nowadays, not all of them are great for freelancers in particular. The consumer and employee view will always be different, yet, some of the companies manage to maintain a great image on both sides. Here are only a few such platforms that are true to their rating.

1) Being a true leader in the industry, the company manages to maintain its top position based on both the customers’ and employees’ reviews. As essentially the best certified translation company, TheWordPoint offers lots of jobs to nearly any kind of translator in any language. This is certainly a pick for many years to come.

2) A somewhat underrated employer, Gengo is smaller than TheWordPoint in terms of its volumes of work, yet, is similarly generous. Focusing primarily on French, Japanese, Arabic, and Chinese translations, Gengo could be a great choice for specialists in those languages.

3) Quite a popular choice for many freelance interpreters and for a reason. Having a great choice of jobs in numerous languages, DayTranslations provides jobs for thousands of translators every day.

4) Another rather popular platform among the beginners and professionals alike. Offering a superb support team to work with, Tomedes is one of the employer leaders in terms of communications and employee treatment.

5) This agency is well-known to freelance job seekers and employees as the one that pays fairly and provides rather challenging jobs. Specializing predominantly in technical translations, Stepes often offers such peculiar jobs as video game translations and localization.

6) This is another very well-known translation agency, known for its work with tech giants, such as Microsoft, Amazon, and IBM. The good thing about the company is that you don’t have to be a certified or highly educated professional to work and earn fairly. The only two things you have to know really well are the languages you want to work as a translator.

7) One-Planet. Being quite a straightforward company regarding its information for the customers, One-Planet seems to be similarly open and honest towards its freelancers as well. The company will perhaps not pay you the highest fee on the market, yet, it won’t give the job that you can’t complete fast and well enough in terms of quality. So, in the long run, be sure you will be fairly compensated for your work.

8) Quite an old company and a well-known one among freelancers, TransPerfect is a great choice for the beginner and advanced translators. With lots of jobs being offered on a daily basis, the company will gladly offer jobs for those who love classic old written translations.

9) Another veteran in the industry, the company offers a vast variety of jobs, lots of languages to work with, and many loyal customers who will certainly return if you perform well enough. A great choice for translators and interpreters of all levels of expertise.

10) Specializing predominantly in certified translations, this company will be a great choice for professionals with a strong background and a few certificates or diplomas behind their backs. Be sure that the compensation for all your knowledge and effort throughout your career will be rewarded greatly.

The Opportunities Are Limitless, It Is Important to Know Where to Look

Indeed, with a high demand for freelance translators and the rise of outsourcing, the opportunities for the translators are truly huge today. With some decent knowledge in two languages and, maybe, some additional knowledge of the technical or legal subjects, you can earn yourself a fortune without going outside at all! It is only important to pick the best work mode and find the agency that offers it. The list above does not represent even the tiniest bit of the whole freelance translation market, yet, does give some hint towards the best of them.


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