YouTube is one of the best and vast-growing social networking platforms. With more than a billion active users, it is an ideal space for brands, businesses, or content creators to showcase their talent or work to others. However, it can be challenging to get noticed and stand out among such a larger number of content and creators. To increase the visibility and have a higher rank on YouTube, people need to optimise their videos according to its algorithm. There are various factors which help in ranking the videos on the platform, and we will take a closer look at these factors in this blog.

Understanding The YouTube Video Ranking

What Factors Affect The Video Ranking On YouTube?

Mentioned below are some of the major factors through which video ranking on YouTube is done.

1) Watch Time

The amount of time users spend watching a particular video is considered as watch time. Watch time is one of the most essential factors which represents user engagement and satisfaction. YouTube algorithm considers it while ranking videos. For YouTubers, it is more valuable when their audience watches their video for a long time. They must create good quality and engaging content so that their subscribers or new audience love it and keep watching them. Individuals can also buy YouTube views to improve video ranking.

2) Relevance

YouTube strongly considers the relevance factor while ranking the videos. This social platform wants to provide its users with the most relevant content when they search for queries or interests. Therefore, people with a YouTube channel should make sure to add titles, descriptions, and tags accurately while uploading them, which will help to reflect the content available in the video.

They can even optimise their video by adding well-researched phrases and keywords that are relevant to their video’s topic and incorporate them into their video’s metadata. They must be aware of being penalised by YouTube for stuffing keywords. Thus, keywords should be used in a natural way in the description, titles and tags of the video.

3) Video Title and Description

To get their videos rank higher on YouTube, it is crucial to align the title and description in a proper way. With the help of the title and description, the audience or new users will get an idea of what the video is all about. YouTube’s algorithm uses them to determine the relevance of the video to the search query of a user. However, people should always avoid clickbait titles and descriptions that can mislead the audience or do not represent the content accurately.

4) Audience Retention

The percentage of an individual’s video that users watch before leaving is known as audience retention. It is one of the essential factors in video ranking as it helps in indicating how relevant and engaging the content is to the audience. It is a signal to the algorithm of YouTube that a particular video is not relevant or engaging if a user leaves the video after a few seconds. It can also impact the video in a negative way. People should always create compelling content and introductions, use visuals to support the content and keep their videos concise.

5) Engagement

Engagement signifies the actions taken by users on a YouTube video, for instance, likes, comments, shares, dislikes, and so on. It is one of the most essential factors considered in video ranking as it directly refers to the satisfaction and interest of a user. YouTube’s algorithm usually promotes those videos which have higher engagement rates.

YouTubers should always encourage their audience to like, share, comment, and subscribe to their channel so that they can increase engagement. They must respond to the comments added by the users and develop videos that add spark to the interaction and discussion.

6) Subscribers and Channel Authority

While ranking videos on social networking platforms such as YouTube, channel authority and subscribers are also considered critical factors. The authority of the channel and the number of subscribers are always considered by YouTube’s algorithm when they rank videos. Channels with more authority and a higher number of subscribers have more chances to rank at the top.

An individual with a YouTube channel should create high-quality content which would be valuable to their targeted audience to optimise their videos for channel authority and subscribers. They can also build a community around their channel by engaging with their viewers. YouTubers should also promote their channel on the other social media platforms they use so that they can attract more subscribers and build their channel’s authority.

7) Video Tags

On social media platforms such as YouTube, video tags are one of the most basic forms of keywords which helps in describing the video’s content. YouTube’s algorithm understands the relevance and context of the video. Through video tags, algorithms match the user’s search queries and provide them with the best result. However, people should always avoid using spammy tactics to trick the algorithm or irrelevant tags.

8) View Count

The most important factor considered by the YouTube algorithm while ranking videos is view count. Videos with a higher number of views tend to rank at the beginning of YouTube’s recommendations and search results. To optimise their videos for views, individuals must collaborate with other YouTubers. They can cross-promote each-others videos and reach a wider range of audience easily.

9) Quality

The quality of the video also plays a significant role in the video’s ranking on the social platform YouTube. The platform wants to promote videos which are well-produced and have high quality. Thus, videos should always be valuable and engaging to their users. When a video has poor audio or video quality, if they are poorly edited or have any other similar issues, they are less likely to have a higher rank on YouTube’s recommendations and search.

People should always make sure to edit their videos properly with the best possible sound quality and visual appeal. To provide value to the viewers and audience, they must create videos with well-researched and well-scripted content.

The bottom line

On social networking platforms like YouTube, huge amounts of content are uploaded by every passing minute. This is why YouTubers struggle to get their videos to stand out and rank higher among others. There are various essential factors which they need to keep in their mind if they want to rank their videos higher on the platform.


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