We all like to think we know our significant others like the back of our hands. As we proudly reel off their favorite color, food, and movie, we think it’s in the bag. But that can all go out the window when it comes to gift-giving. All too often we discover there’s a lot more to learn.

The fact is that many of us can use some help when looking for gifts for that special someone. That’s why we whipped up this list of tips for buying the perfect gifts for your significant other. These ideas will help you think outside the box and give gifts that fit your partner’s lifestyle. So read on, help is on the way.

1) Give An Experience Or Destination Gift

According to Webinar Care, over 250 million roses are produced just for Valentine’s Day alone. While beautiful, flowers will only last about a week. If you really want to give lifelong memories, try an experience gift. These gifts can be just about anything that your partner can take part in with you or on their own.

You can’t go wrong with a weekend getaway to their favorite spot. A trip to a vineyard or brewery is also fun. They’ll be over the moon with tickets to see their favorite band or sports team. If they like adventure consider a hot air balloon ride or some dirt bike lessons.

2) Take The Hint

If your significant other has been talking about needing or wanting something for months chances are they’re trying to tell you something. Do yourself a favor, pay attention, and take the hint. Not only will you make it easy on yourself, but you will have fulfilled one of their desires. Many a partner has ended up in the proverbial dog house because they did not get the hundreds of hints their significant other dropped for 6 months.

3) Follow Instructions

If your partner gives you instructions for a gift, do not stray from them. Some folks are very specific about what they want and will be disappointed with anything less. You may mean well by trying to surprise them, but some people do not like either. If they don’t want a diamond, don’t get them a diamond. According to Brides.com, diamond engagement rings have only been around since 1477, so let your partner be old school if they want.

4) Don’t Get Stuck In A Rut

Whatever you do, don’t become that person who overwhelms your significant other with a constant theme, just because it fits part of their lifestyle. For instance, maybe they have cats, and you gave them a cat mug that they really liked. This does not mean they want a house filled to the brim with kitschy cat stuff. Even the most ardent of cat people have other interests. So shake it up and get them an array of gifts that cover the full spectrum of their lifestyle.


5) Don’t Be Afraid Of The Practical Gift

Yes, we poked fun at the toaster, but honestly, if it’s needed there’s not a thing wrong with it. Practical gifts can be thoughtful and creative too. For instance, that toaster would go great with a gift card to an artisan bread bakery.

A vacuum cleaner could come with a month (or six) of cleaning services. Did you know that, according to IBIS World, many American couples spend up to a third of their savings on weddings? So, buying more practical items as gifts can help save money in the long run.

We hope you found our gift giving tips helpful. Just remember, your significant other will appreciate whatever you give them. Just be sure to listen, pay attention, and give proper thought to their lifestyle.