Radiology is a complex physical science that studies the effects of radioactive energies at the molecular level. One of the important parameters to evaluate its influences on matter and living cells is the absorbed dose of radiation. This index is expressed using various scale systems in different research fields. The measurement of radiation dose involves many compound formulas. Therefore, a radiation dosage calculator is essential. A radiation absorbed dose converter allows flexible unit conversion of this metric in different calculations. The following article will describe specific information about the FoxConverter radiation dosage calculator, such as the tasks that can be solved, as well as how to use it.

What radiation dose parameters can be supported with this converting tool?

The online radiation absorbed dose calculator on allows all dosimetry of the energy to accumulate in matter due to ionizing radiation. Units can be exchanged between each other and with other units automatically, quickly and accurately. Units that can be found include:

  • SI units – Gray and multiples and divisors. This is the most commonly used unit today.
  • The SI based units – Joule/gram and pars
  • CGS system unit – Rad. This unit is deprecated, but is still convertible for reference and use in some sub-scientific disciplines.

Entering the desired parameter title in the search bar or dragging the slider to refer to the complete unit list as depicted in the image below.

In the mobile version, the search bars and category units are neatly hidden in the drop-down arrow (see below).

best conversion tool for radiation absorbed dosage

How to change radiation absorbed dosage units accurately with this toolkit?

The online tool of  radiation absorbed dose conversion on is said to be user-friendly with operations in seconds. The order of steps is as follows:

  • Open the convenient web browser
  • Enter the link to the FoxConverter calculator for radiation dosage
  • Match the units in the “From” and “To” windows with the source and destination parameters you want
  • When you enter a numerical value in the “From” box, you will get the correct result in the “To” cell without using a lengthy formula. Algorithms solved for you automatically, without errors.
  • Values can be displayed in decimal or mathematical notation (shown below).

best conversion tool for radiation absorbed dosage


Compared to many of its competitors’ radiation dose conversions, has the more advantages due to its convenience and high efficiency. Hardly any optimal calculator like Foxconverter allows you unlimited use on all devices without payment. The data processing speed and accessibility also make it superior to similar services.