The latest iPhones are fantastic for playing online games because of their amazing edge-to-edge screens. There is sure to be a game that suits everyone’s preference among the apparently limitless selection available on the App Store. Exceptional iOS games are available for download in Kansas, whether you’re a serious gamer, a casual bettor, or somewhere in between. Here are a few of the best iOS gaming apps that people in Kansas should download:

The Best Apps for iOS Online Gaming

Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact is an open-world role-playing game in which you play as an interplanetary traveler who, paired with their twin, becomes stranded on the planet named Teyvat, a planet teeming with monsters and gods. Create teams of 4 heroes that share a common connection with the elements to discover Teyvat, fight monsters, and learn the secrets of the land’s past. Most of the game’s planet is still to be unveiled, assuring players of big updates until it can be fully explored. Still, the game is already colorful and vibrant with a world. The best part is that the planet looks even more stunning on the high-resolution displays of the iPhone 13 and its variants.

FanDuel Kansas

Online betting has been transformed by the opportunity to bet on a game that has already begun. FanDuel Kansas has recognized the significance of live betting and is providing a wide variety of exciting games in which to participate in real-time. Bettors in Kansas may join today to get a special promotion available only through FanDuel. Free wagers are among the most desirable bonuses since they are so rare. The free bet will be valid for 14 days after the debut date on September 1. The rollover for the FanDuel Kansas promotion is 1. Therefore, a single bet is all that is required. Kansas residents who like betting on their iPhones in real time will find FanDuel the perfect online gaming app.

Alto’s Odyssey

With its gorgeous visuals and relaxing music, Alto’s Odyssey stands out from the crowd of infinite-run games on iOS. You will ride down mountains with Alto, a herder of Ilama, as he snowboards in several countries. In addition to its many playable characters, the game’s obstacle structure ensures that it will always be fun to play. Also, when you’re in Zen mode, you can climb huge mountains without worrying about getting a bad score if you fall. You may perfect your skills amid the ever-changing, breathtaking scenery and the soothing sounds of the world’s best music. Among the best iOS gaming apps, Alto’s Odyssey shines through the front.

DraftKings Kansas

DraftKings Kansas is known for its eye-catching black and green user interface. Even though the iOS app’s user experience is a little different from the desktop version, it’s still quite simple. Traditional moneyline, point spread, and over/under bets are just some of the popular football online betting options offered by DraftKings Kansas. This includes the iconic parlay bets, which can be placed through both the iOS mobile app and the website. Over a hundred betting options are available on NFL games, which is great news for Chiefs fans. Just for this pick, DraftKings Kansas deserves your attention. Soon, people in Kansas will be able to use their pro-level winnings to bet on college games.

Super Mario Run

Nintendo certainly understands how to design a fantastic game, but the giant rarely develops mobile games alone. Super Mario Run was the first Mario mobile game and one of just a few Nintendo games accessible on iOS. It’s easy to understand why it is based on the simple side-scrolling action of the original Super Mario Bros., but with updated visuals and a lot of new, exciting ways to play. By using both Super Mario Run and My Nintendo Accounts, you can get Platinum Points every day and trade them in for cool prizes.

Among Us

The main gameplay of Among Us is rather basic. Up to 10 players make up the team of a spacecraft or an extraterrestrial planet, and they are each tasked with completing a small set of objectives. One of the team members is really a terrible alien with evil intentions. The impostor wins if they can eliminate the team before determining who they really are. The team wins if they can eliminate the impostors or finish their missions before they are outnumbered. Like a futuristic version of Clue, the game’s intrinsic ease of play is part of its appeal. It’s great for groups because each match is shorter than 15 minutes, but you may also play with strangers from all over the globe.

To Wrap Up

The presence of iOS in the gaming industry is expanding, and we simply cannot wait to try out the new games Apple has in store. Keep in mind that these are only a few of our recommended iOS gaming apps right now. In addition, you shouldn’t have any trouble enjoying these great games on the latest iPhone, including the future iPhone 14.