Australia is one of the largest economies in the world. The Australia Trade Commission indicates that Australia is not only a large economy but is one of the most mixed economies boasting of an AAA rating. According to Democracy Index, Australia is a country with a good standard of living with most of the people enjoying healthy and a decent life.

Australia Slow Internet

internetDespite all the good things and other benefits that Australians enjoy, their internet speed falls short. For a long time, a large number of people living outside Australia thought that it was all jokes and fuss about internet connectivity in the Indian Ocean Island. However, a recent report from State of the Internet, an analysis conducted by Akamai, ranked Australia as the 51st country when it comes to internet connectivity.  

At the 51st position in internet connectivity, Australia ranks below developing countries such as Kenya and Kazakhstan among others. The average internet speed in Australia is 8.5 Mbps, which is well below the global average. Ironically, Netflix recommends about 25Mbs to support and allow a seamless video streaming. What is surprising many individuals is that the current problem is not likely to change soon. There are rumors that the government is doing nothing about it, which means that locals and visitors have to work with the slow internet for the time being.

Government’s Position

A recent announcement by the National Broadband Network, which is the body responsible for enhancing Australia’s broadband infrastructure indicated that it is aware of the current internet speed and is rolling out new internet technology targeting 6 million homes. The Chief Executive of the nation’s broadband network highlighted that locals should check NBN map to find out when their homes will be ready for the new NBN rollout. Regarding slow internet, Bill Morrow continued to highlight that the new rollout is expected to provide high-speed internet as compared to the current roll-out.

So, what are the impacts of slow internet speed?

Australians have now come into terms with the fact that internet speed in their country is slow and they have to work with it. Whether one owns a small company that uses the internet to operate or whether one works as a freelancer, there is no option. These are some of the negative aspects that have been brought about by low internet speed.

Decreased Productivity

A research report by Sandik highlights that slow internet causes businesses to lose an average of one week annually. This time is lost directly due to a drop in morale among employees and the longer period it takes to serve a single customer. Some organizations, especially the ones that rely heavily on the internet lose significant revenues, which makes them lose when it comes to global competition.

Local companies cannot compete with international organizations that are enjoying fast internet speed in their country. Could this explain why local companies don’t have a foothold in international trade? Well. That’s for another day.

What Next?

Companies and individuals in need of high internet speed have incorporated several strategies to solve the current problem.

Sorting Out the Hardware

Instead of complaining about the slow internet and blaming the provider on a regular basis, most of the companies are now sorting their hardware and software to ensure that they are in order. Some of the causes of slow internet could be the router or modem. Testing the speed of various modems or routers to determine whether they are working well is an essential method in solving slow internet speed.

All the computers, tablets and other internet using devices should also be tested to enhance their internet connectivity. The software on these devices should also be tested and evaluated on a regular basis with the aim of eliminating malware and other external factors that could be slowing the internet.

You can do Internet speed test and get a better plan if you feel your speed is little low and you are getting better speed at cheap price from another service provider.

Consider Local Alternatives

Before NBN rolls out the new internet technology, there has been an emergence of local internet providers that want to have a share of the market. Most of the local providers use 4G mobile network to supply the internet in various companies and homestead.

The NBN has promised that the current status will soon improve, which means that patience could prove to be important, but as for now, organizations and individuals have to accept the status and work with the current internet speed.