Do you love living in the City that Never Sleeps, but hate how cramped your loft apartment is? We understand your frustrations.

Granted that NYC lofts were originally industrial in purpose, it can be hard to make every square foot count. But with new clever space-saving ideas and solutions, you can turn your loft-inspired space into a chic, functional and comfy home like these short term rentals in NYC.

Read on to discover the essential NYC loft apartment tips to help maximize your space.

Be Strategic About Your Furniture Layout

Successful loft apartment living depends heavily on how strategic you are about your furniture layout. Before you start decorating your space, consider how your furniture goes together.

Arranging furniture pieces in groupings is a great way to separate areas in an organic way and keep clutter magnets to a minimum. One way to achieve this is to place a folding screen between a bedroom and the living room. Not only will it act as a divider but also be a useful platform for hanging art and plants on it.

Another way is to place a narrow console table between a sofa and kitchen, so it separates those areas while offering a surface for holding a table lamp or chopping veggies when cooking.

Go for Dual-Purpose Furniture Pieces

Investing in furniture pieces with dual functionality is another clever approach to making the most of the available space. Opt for a trundle bed that folds into a sofa bed when watching TV, a dining table that transforms into a coffee table in the dining/living room, or a hollow ottoman that acts as a side table.

No matter what double-duty furniture you choose, make sure each piece is compact enough to fit snugly in your diminutive space. Outsized models will only negate your two-in-one efforts and make tiny loft apartment living harder.

Adopt a Neutral Color Palette

A high-contrast neutral palette is the best backdrop for NYC loft apartment interior design. Use white, gray, and black color palettes in the living room to bring about a clean and minimalistic look. Furthermore, add layers of bright or rich hues to break up the monotony of neutral tones and add a moody feel.

Just because many NYC loft interior designers roots for a neutral palette doesn’t mean you shouldn’t add a touch of personality to your space. To make things visually interesting, choose bold colors used in accents like rugs, art, and throw pillows. Don’t overwhelm your space with too many color statements, though.

Make a Statement with Lighting

From an aesthetic and an illumination point of view, natural lighting from expansive windows is the signature of New York loft interior design. Make sure there are no curtains blocking out the windows from letting in natural light. That way you’ll stand the best chance to show off the industrial style of your loft.

Make good use of artificial sources of light as well. Hang pendant lights lower over a sitting area and dining table to create a more intimate feel. Hang them higher in kitchen work zones and entry halls to add interest to your space. If using sconces or table lamps, ensure you can dim them for a more moody loft vibe.

Create an Illusion of Expansiveness

One thing that NYC loft apartments lack is depth. Fortunately, there are many ways to solve that problem. First, you can use mirrors to create the impression that your apartment is taller and wider than it really is.

Second, layering in your design can make up for that depth. Start by piling up your bedding with several blankets and throw pillows. This adds a sense of depth while helping you stay warm and cozy.

Be sure to select items with varying materials, patterns, and textures to create excellent contrast.

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Never Underestimate the Power of Drapery

One thing for sure is that curtains or draperies are an inexpensive and non-permanent way to create the optical illusion of height. Hang your curtains a few inches from the ceiling and let them slide all the way to the floor. This will create the feeling of high ceilings.

Consider painting your ceiling white to give a rich and elegant look to your décor. For apartments with smaller windows, full-length curtains are the go-to solution.

Hanging full-length curtains makes smaller windows appear bigger while giving your space the feel of a luxury apartment.


Whether you’re looking to decorate your NYC loft apartment to emulate the Manhattan Loft Gardens apartment styles, or you’re optimizing it to look bigger and more modern, there are many ideas to create your perfect space.

Use these tips to transform your space into the ultimate NYC loft apartment of your dream. And don’t forget to add your personal touch to reflect who you are and what you love.