Working Monday to Friday, and then relaxing on weekends is all we want, and the moment Monday starts, we start waiting for Friday. And, Friday is a no-work mood no matter in whatever domain you are working. Whether you are a chef in a 5-star hotel, or you are an IT professional, or an athlete, all you wish to do on weekends is rest, and get pampered. Today, we are going to share 50+ Not Today memes that you can share with your co-workers if they expect you to work on Friday till late hours or at weekends. Sending these memes will make the situation lighter, and they will not get offended too.

not today satan

i take bath without fight boo not today sorry not today, jesus i am ready..
i think is pretty obvious
not be today what do we say not today zurg
what do we say to debt i just wanted kiss not today son feeling today not today,old friend run spring? spring days we say to work…
not today,ebola java update? only person i love cubs? really everything?

50+ Best Not Today Memes For you

We have an entire collection of the best Not Today memes that you can pick up from the list and share with your friends. Memes creators are speeded in creating memes, you just have to give them the right keyword, and the rest of the work will be done by them in just a few seconds. Many platforms post memes on different things that take place in the world, but most comedy ones are based on true events that are done by human beings in various areas.

Sharing these funny Not Today memes is a really easy process to do. If you have a smartphone, internet connectivity, and social media handles, then this can be done quickly. Save the Not Today memes that you find are most funny, and click on the share button. That’s it! If you know a meme creator, and you are also a meme creator, then you can give any answer to them in the form of not today memes if they ask you to do some work and you are totally out of your mood.