With every season, there are the home improvement and maintenance responsibilities that you must not forget to do. Owning a home is a huge responsibility, financially and otherwise, and it’s important to keep that investment in its best possible shape. In this article, we’ll introduce you to the best home maintenance tasks for each season and tell you why it’s so important.
Fall Tasks

The most important things to do in fall, really, are to prepare for winter. In the fall, you’ll want to perform your twice-yearly gutter cleaning after the leaves have finished falling for the year, in addition to raking them up and preparing your home’s heating systems for winter. This includes inspecting your fireplace and potentially cleaning your home’s ducts, too. Seal any drafty areas in your home as well to prevent heat loss during winter.

Winter Tasks

If you live in a region that gets snow, there won’t be too much exterior maintenance work for you to do during the winter. Make sure your outside air conditioning unit is covered and protected from the elements if you have one. You should also keep an eye out for leaks in your pipes or foundation as things freeze and thaw. Other than that, just maintain things in the interior of your house, such as vents, appliances, and drains.

Spring Tasks

Spring is a big season for home maintenance. Mainly, you’ll be looking for any damage to your home that could have been done during the winter, in addition to any exterior cleaning. Clean screens, windows, and siding, if you have it, and check your gutters once again for leaks or blockages. Keeping your gutters clear now will help prevent more costly issues down the line, such as standing water near your roofline or foundation or even gutter breakage.

Summer Tasks

Summertime is a great time to wash down the exterior of your home due to the high temperatures. Take a hose or a power washer to decks, brick, siding, garage doors, or any other stubborn, dirty surface, and the summer heat will help them dry properly. However, summer is also a pest season too, so you may want to look into hiring an exterminator at this time. At the very least, check for cracks or holes in the exterior of your home that could be letting nasty pests in. Nipping pest infestations in the bud is far cheaper than having to deal with them when they grow.