Many countries have a reputation for being strict. With a beautiful history of abusing rights, China is not low on the list. It is considered a disciplined country that is full of controversial laws. China has many weird laws; some could be for their welfare, but most are extreme. Regulations in China have subsequently gotten global attention. While some are crazy and not approved by the general public, others are too disturbing to think about. Apart from these weird laws, what is more extreme are the punishments and consequences. Let’s know about the top 10 controversial laws in China.

Most Controversial Laws in China

Top 10 Most Controversial Laws in China That Will Surprise You

Let’s dive deep and find out about some of the controversial laws in china.

1) The most controversial law of all is the national security law.

Although Hong Kong and a few other places like Macau were in autonomy, this has significantly changed. China unanimously passed a national security law for Hong. The government established this law for four crimes—subversion, terrorism, and collusion with foreign companies. This law is vague, and anything can threaten National security under this. Many are already abusing this law. Police search without a court warrant is authorized. People are arrested for anything, whether they have stickers or banners or wear T-shirts with slogans. There will be no mercy if the authorities feel someone endangers national security.

2) Freedom of expression here is a privilege

People who try to criticize the government or go against the rules will go behind bars. There have been many cases of reporters and business owners disappearing from the limelight after criticizing the government. It’s best to stay quiet unless you are rich or have a close connection with government officials.

3) Welcome to the gaming laws in China

Video games are banned in China! You are still at a question mark. It is right. Not all, but the majority of video games do not hit the permission criteria in mainland China. Especially those video games that showcase s*xuality, crime, drugs, and similar contexts. China has also banned children under 18 from playing more than 3 hours weekly. It might sound extreme to people in other countries, but gaming addiction in China is crossing limits. It’s a good way to keep children in control.

4) The majority of social media platforms for use are prohibited.

That is right; China has tight internet censorship and has blocked many popular social media sites like Google, YouTube, Gmail, Instagram, and Twitter. China has its own search engines and messaging applications that the population uses. Some of these applications can be used, but not in mainland China. Chinese citizens must realize that no free internet is available, and every form of media is under strict surveillance.

5) Do you know what’s still practiced? Capital punishment!

The death penalty is normal in most countries, but this is not. In China, soldiers are eligible for the death penalty if they show cowardice. Among cowardice, if the soldiers share secrets, do not follow orders, or surrender, they are suitable for the death penalty. I mean, soldiers are the bravest, but if you have second thoughts about this field, do not enroll yourself in the Chinese army.

6) Russians need to announce

one of the strangest rules. If a citizen sees a Russian approaching, they must announce it to everyone nearby. It sounds offensive, but there was a reason behind this strange rule. In the early 1900s, a citizen failed to announce that a Russian was approaching, and this offense was punishable by death.

7) The use of the word and flower JASMINE is not allowed in China.

Citizens cannot talk about this flower, wear it, purchase or sell it, or even see its picture online. The government has banned the word Jasmine. The reason was a movement in Tunisia called the Jasmine Revolution. It was against the Chinese government. If your name is Jasmine, you cannot visit this place in this case, or is there any loophole?

8) Citizens do not own the land they live on or bought.

The dream of passing your home to the children or living with your dream partner can end up only as a dream. The government did provide leases to homeowners and builders, which were supposed to last up to 70 years. However, nobody remembered about this and kept on selling or purchasing properties. The government has no specific rule on what will happen if the leases expire. As the revenue of China is not exactly in a good place, the locals and government will most probably continue this system.

9) Another weird law is that dating colleagues is not allowed.

Most workplaces have specific rules for employees, but China, oh my god. Male employees who have not finished one year in the company are not allowed to date. Let me shock you! As per the law, the company decides whether the person you are dating is right for you or not! It is somewhere more important than getting permission from your parents. It happens when you have been working there for at least three months or more and start dating someone who does not belong to the company. How do people come up with such stuff!?

10) Naming children with strange names is not allowed.

China has prohibited the use of quirky children’s names. A child should not have a long name or something that sounds obscene and is challenging to use repetitively. The government has also enacted bans on many Muslim names as they sound too extreme, e.g., messiah if you are a soon-to-be baby daddy or mommy and being creative. You know where not to go.


China has tons of laws, more than you can count. While some laws are normal, the majority of them are not. Apart from strict regulations, there are unsaid rules that one has to follow.

Most Western countries have removed laws that were in place long ago. But not China; many rules have been used for a long time despite the changing situations and circumstances. Tell me honestly, do these crazy, controversial laws in China amaze you or shock you? However, I am happy to hear that places with less social media exist. These laws directly help to avoid religious, economic, or international issues. We all know its impact on the mental status of humans; of course, the hidden fact is they never want the public doesn’t question the ones in power. Next time you plan to visit China, keep these laws in mind to avoid any mishappenings. They are a land of invention and own the title of maximum population, but the best part is they are strict about their law!