Canada is the world’s most forward country with its high standard of living and a good reputation compared to other countries. Canada still has a quirky side, especially regarding legislation and rules passed by the Government. Many of them have created controversies. Don’t be surprised when you discover that even the most progressive countries have the quickest rules. These quirky laws range from owning a rat to coloring your house doors purple. While some have an accurate reason, others are deemed crazy and weird. Most of these laws are still in practice. Look at the ten most controversial laws before booking your trip to Canada.

10 Controversial Laws in Canada

1) Use or Wearing of Religious Symbols

The Supreme Court of Canada in 2020 banned the use or wearing of religious symbols. Despite controversies and backlash, they still aren’t interested in lifting this ban. In 2019, they started bill 21. This rule prohibited government officials, officers, teachers, and more from wearing religious symbols. Some examples of religious symbols are hijabs, turbans, and more. Many feel that the Government is quite discriminating and racist towards religious freedom.

2) Purchasing S*xual Services

Another chaotic regulation passed by the Canadian Government was Bill C-36. It is considered one of the most problematic rules of all time. This law states that purchasing s*xual services is illegal but not selling. I mean, what!? Who are you going to sell to if nobody is allowed to buy? The Government thought this was a great way of keeping the country “clean and respectable. ” And they are giving workers a chance to survive. This bill received a lot of criticism. Some people considered this a liberating rule, while others called it useless.

3) Pretend to Practice Witchcraft

It was prohibited to pretend to practice witchcraft in Canada. The Sabrina and TVD fans must have been so disappointed. It was once a criminal offense if you pretended to practice witchcraft. This law comes under section 365 of the criminal code. The only good part is that you can practice magic, well, only those with the abilities. But if anyone falsely claimed to utilize sorcery or pretended to know the occult stuff, wait for the punishment. However, this law was overturned in 2018, so you can dress as your favorite magical character this Halloween. But imagine being found guilty at that time, not fun.

4) Publish or Sell Comic Books

This rule must have made a lot of kids disappointed. It was prohibited to publish or sell comic books in Canada. You read that right! and I am not kidding. Comic books that are for fun, and it is a criminal offense?! Why! The Canadian Government made creating, printing, publishing, or selling a comic book a crime. This rule was very vague and technically covered every type of comic book. However, the parliament revoked this rule in 2018. I guess Batman fans can read without the fear of being arrested!

5) Water-Skating at Night

Canada is known for its cold temperature, ice-skating, and fall season. But what if I tell you will that they will arrest you for water-skating at night? That’s right! Water skiing at night is not allowed in Canada. Anybody who enjoys fun water activities might want to reconsider booking a plane to Canada. Section 250 under Canadian law states that anyone found using a surfboard, water skiing, or with a similar object will be guilty of a criminal offense. However, the rule applies only before sunrise and starts one hour after sunset. You won’t be taken aback if fun for some time can land you 6 months in jail, followed by a fine of thousands of dollars.

6) Living Overseas

This rule did create controversies, and that, too, was not for fun. This voting law states that Canadians living overseas for more than five years are not eligible to vote. Many people have been fighting for this privilege. Although, the Government does seem in any mood to amend this rule. It’s a good rule; why should anyone be allowed to vote the authorities out? Especially if they failed to witness the changes brought by the Government.

7) Maintaining a Pet Rat

This law might hurt some animal lovers. Keeping rats as pets is against the law. Owning or maintaining a pet rat in Alberta is prohibited. People cannot hold, buy, or sell live rats without legal permission. The Agriculture Pets Act launched this law as a response to control their population and the plague that could spread because of them.

8) Shouting, Singing, Hooting, or Whistling

In Petroleum Ontario, shouting, singing, hooting, or even whistling is illegal. You must be thinking, oh, at night, right? A few other countries have a no-noise law, too. But no! As I have written, it is illegal to do so AT ALL TIMES. Be it in the daylight or at night. I guess Ontario is not a good place to party.

9) Using Nickels or Coins

It is illegal to pay using nickels or coins. It is unlawful to make purchases or buy something using too many coins. Before counting your pennies for that toy, you should know that Canada’s currency act has some weird rules. Remember to leave your piggy Bank at home the next time you go out to buy something. The limits to using them are 100 nickels, 25 pennies, or 25 looney at a time.

10) Government Censor Everything

One of the latest regulations is- Bill C-11. The youth and the younger generation have mostly criticized this law. The bill states the Government will censor everything that goes through in the Canadian media. And this applies to social media platforms as well. You need to show age proof. Too much for freedom, isn’t it?

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Rules and regulations protect the country’s citizens. There are unusual laws in every corner of the world. Laws in Canada might seem amusing, but back in the day, they protected the citizens, at least in some way. I hope these laws amused you and added some spice to your day.