Who would have thought that being in the friend zone could be a cause for legal action? I mean, sure, it would sometimes feel surreal if the woman you like has the same feelings toward you. But what if that is not the case? Would you do what this man did? Many would not believe this, but trust me, it did happen.

Here on Don’t Get Serious, we are going to talk about this man who filed two lawsuits against a girl who does not want to take their status from being friends to the next level. The reason? She apparently caused him emotional trauma by telling him that she only wants to be friends.

Man Who Got Friendzoned By Woman Sues For $3 Million Over ‘Trauma’

Do not be afraid though, not everyone would sue you if you keep them in the friend zone! But to be honest, this one sounds like an obsession. But heartbreakers who would hear this story must be wary of who they play around with. The guy in this news is K. Kawshigan. The girl he was pursuing and eventually threatened to sue is Nora Tan.

By the way, this happened in Singapore. Nora agreed to attend counseling sessions with Kawshigan. Because of this, Kashigan put the lawsuit on hold. Yes I know, it sounds like manipulation though. Personally, I would not want to be involved in relationships like this, how about you guys?

The two met in 2016 and Kawshigan was a director at a drone company in D1 racing at that time. Nora on the other hand seemed to never entertain the guy and did not lead him on as well. According to reports, she kept on rejecting him until she eventually cut all contact with him. That is when Kawshigan decided to file two lawsuits.

Yes, you have heard it right, not one but two lawsuits. They admitted that they became friends after meeting in 2016. Since then, they already became friends but had some issues with their relationship in 2020 when Kawshigan misunderstood their friendship as something romantic.

The first lawsuit that Kawshigan filed was in July. This one is filed in the high court for 3 million dollars. It allegedly caused damage to his stellar reputation claiming that Nora had told other people that he was harassing her. Additionally, he is claiming that it caused trauma, depression, and impacts on his life.

Well, this sounds kind of scary, and knowing that he had the guts to accuse her of these things is somehow more traumatic on her part. It looks like he cannot accept that Nora is not feeling the same way he was expecting her to.

The second lawsuit was filed in magistrates’ court in August. This was later dismissed though by deputy registrar Lewis Tan and reportedly called the suit manifestly groundless and without foundation. The fact that Kawshigan even took this to court is hilarious. Does he do this to every girl that does not want to be in a relationship with him? Or does he particularly want Nora to like him?

Nora clearly wants to be just friends but for Kawshigan, she was his closest friend which is why he was shocked when she distanced herself and told him to be self-reliant. I mean, what is so wrong with saying that? It must have been hurtful considering that you think of her from a different angle, but taking these kinds of matters into court is unreasonable.

Anyway, Nora Tan must have had enough because she also filed a harassment suit against Kawshigan in April of 2022. She also stopped attending the counseling sessions which was the only reason why Kawshigan considered putting the first lawsuit on hold.

Even though she made her intentions clear, Kawshigan kept on contacting Nora, but she cut off all their contact in May. For sure, a lot of people would not even agree to attend counseling sessions in the first place. Nora is now determined to not give Kawshigan any satisfaction with his threats and decides to fight back. As she should!

Legal actions like this might be intimidating or scary on her part but men like Kawshigan are obviously manipulative. Whether he was really hurt or just got his ego shattered is not reason enough for him to involve Nora in situations that she does not want to be in. Many would probably agree that he does not even seem to be respectful to her.

I mean, it is normal for relationships to not work out, but what is not normal is making a big deal of being rejected instead of accepting it like a real man. He just probably wants Nora to talk to him again and ask him not to continue the lawsuit. Would it be fulfilling for him?

What do you guys think? Hopefully, Nora will be safe no matter how this case is going to end. Would anyone want to date Kawshigan though if they knew of this case? Well, that is it for now! This story might be kind of triggering or disturbing to some so comment your thoughts below!

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