If you sleep less than three hours a day, because you like to play real casino online games, you will not get enough sleep in principle. This is the law.

There is no safe sleep deprivation. If you chronically deviate from your personal norm for at least half an hour, you will find new blood sugar levels, stronger than usual hunger, libido problems, and fading reactions, including emotional ones. The more you sleep deprivation, the higher the risk.


Otherwise, sleep quality can be adjusted with simple habits.

Wake up at the Same Time

This common advice has fallen short of experimental testing. Experiments have shown that the body is much more sensitive to the moment of falling asleep, rather than awakening. 

Turn on the Night Light

Overcome your childhood fears and remove all sources of light from the bedroom. This applies, by the way, even to the indicators on the modem, the moon and red eyes of the dead man living in the closet. The darker the room, the better the quality of sleep. If curtains or remotes cannot be protected from light, sleep with an eye patch.

Have Breakfast With a TV

In the first half-hour after waking up, the brain should not absorb new information (especially about the crisis and repressions against the opposition), otherwise, the mechanism of protective inhibition will start and you will not be able to swing for a long time.

Gluttony in the Days of Rush Jobs

The more you eat, the more time your body needs to sleep. Remember the boas, which, after swallowing the roe deer, lie motionless for weeks. Do you think they are setting important meetings and brainstorming sessions for this time? That’s the same.

Try Not To Hold Back Tears

With tears, excess cortisol, a stress hormone, is excreted. If there is too much of it, it begins to interfere with the activity of another hormone, DHEA, which, in turn, regulates sleep.

Don’t Suppress Yawning in the Morning

The mechanism of yawning has not yet been fully investigated, but it has become obvious to scientists for some time now that by yawning, you are trying to wake yourself up, not put yourself to sleep! Therefore, in the evening, yawning is contraindicated, but in the morning it is prescribed. The more you yawn, the faster you wake up. Yawning, you are trying to wake yourself up, not put yourself to sleep! Therefore, in the evening, yawning is contraindicated, but in the morning it is prescribed. The more you yawn, the faster you wake up.

Sleep off All Week – Not a Good Idea!

Experiments have shown that it is possible to compensate for lack of sleep within a day and a half. If the all-night vigil happened the day before yesterday, you won’t be able to sleep off. The body will fix the damage (mainly nerve cells will be affected) and will continue to live.

Make it a rule

Turn on the Light as Soon as You Wake Up

The illumination level should ideally be 40-60 thousand lux. The sun in the window can still give out this, but ceiling lamps – not always. Therefore, in the fall and winter, keep an extra lamp next to the bed. And remember: the whiter it is, the more murderous and treacherous it will shine.

Drink a Glass of Water in the Morning

We could explain for a long time why this is necessary, using the words “ghrelin” and “peptide chains”, but you better just believe: the less you sleep, the more water your body needs to keep itself in good shape.

Fall Asleep Ritually

Before going to bed, always do approximately the same set of actions. Better something without physical activity. Or mental.

At least a couple of hours before bed, avoid watching movies, surfing the Internet, and, of course, refrain from work. While doing all of the above, your brain is in a heightened state of activity, which prevents you from quickly falling asleep.

Go to bed only when you are really tired. Your brain should clearly associate bed and sleep. If you try to fall asleep without feeling tired and basically wanting to sleep, not only are you wasting your time, but you will weaken that necessary association.

Ventilate the bedroom one hour before going to sleep and create a nice semi-darkness there. This will promote the production of melatonin, the sleep hormone. Your body will begin to automatically prepare itself for sleep.