If you are someone who’s about to finish with academics or someone who’s already had a career but don’t really know what really makes you happy, then you’re not alone. There are many who feel that way. You feel lost and start to think that you’re not capable of any good things in life. If you’re someone who’s confused about where to start your career from or you have big plans but don’t have enough money or there are people or situations that is stopping you from being where you want to be. I should tell you that you need to let that thought go.

I used to feel the same way two years back but then I realized that all those thoughts are of no importance in my life. You know that saying, “Listen to your heart”, you need to start doing that. People who are successful and happy in their life, listen to their heart or intuition the most.

1) Don’t get Influenced

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If you are a person who likes to develop a skill and wants to look for a JOB, then do that. If you are someone who finds happiness in the little things in life, like cooking for your family, getting married, having children and just being simple, then do that. If you are someone who likes to study, then do that. Nowadays social media has advanced so much, that it has a very deep influence on our daily lives and on our thoughts. Not everyone needs a startup, not everyone finds happiness in making LOTS of money, not everyone likes to travel, not everyone likes to be famous at a young age. Everyone has different desires. Don’t let people or social media rule your thoughts. Listen to the little voice in your heart that tells you what really makes you happy and you will find what you love.

2) Start Small

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Don’t get caught up by thoughts that say, “I don’t want to do this job, because I’m looking for that job”. To get to your ultimate goal, you need to start somewhere. Don’t be ashamed of any kind of work that you do (And I don’t mean sell drugs, or get into porn or become a mafia. Just something that’s allowed by law). Even if you start that something small, ultimately you will find your goal one day. So if you have no plans about your future yet, don’t worry, just keep going with the flow. Finish your academics, get a job or if you’re already at your job, start getting more knowledge about your surroundings and job and people and you will find a way with your creativity.

3) Make a Routine

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The key to your happiness is routine. Even if you say that you are a very lazy person, i bet you still have a routine. If you really want to know what you want from life, is to create a routine that makes you feel good and in that one thing that sharpens your skill or talent or you gain good things from. So if you say that, “I have no interests and I just like lazing around the house all day”. Then you can add reading the whole newspaper or your favorite section EVERYDAY at a fixed time. Doing great things is not the key to finding what you really want, but doing something is the key to it.

4) Be Honest to yourself

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As I said before, you need to be honest to yourself. Nobody knows what you’re thinking. So you don’t need to pretend. You can be honest with yourself when you accept whatever thoughts come to your mind. I’m not saying tell everyone what you’re thinking about. It means if you’re a girl who eats 4-5 rotis each during lunch and dinner, then you need to accept and love yourself the way you are and not start thinking that it’s not a good thing for me to eat so much. It’s because of the stereotypes in the world that our thoughts are always influenced by other people’s view of perfection. Or if you’re a guy who likes watching saas-bahu seriels, then you don’t need to feel stupid about it. Embrace yourself fully and you will find the key to your goals.

5) Focus on what you’re doing

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Whenever you’re doing something, you need to focus on what you’re doing. So if you are standing in the kitchen making omelette, then you need to focus on making a GOOD Omelette. Anything you do needs your 100 % focus. Don’t drown in thoughts about other non important things. That’s why they say Live in the Present! Don’t think that this thing that I’m doing is stupid. I should be doing great things in the world. NO. You should be doing what you are currently doing and getting more knowledgeable about it and always bettering your skills.