Dogs are love. They are the best pets and there is no debate about it. The dog of any breed is cute and people love to keep them as their pets. Some of them keep 2-3 dogs of different breeds and take care of them in a very well manner.

But there is a problem! The foreign dogs with different breeds are much popular than the Indian dog breeds and this is causing an issue for the dogs of India. Pet lovers does not prefer to adopt an Indian dog breed. They compare the dog with the foreign breeds and eventually adopt the foreign ones. Because of this discrimination, these 10 Indian dog breeds are dying and soon they will be vanished.

10 Dog Breeds That Are Dying in India

1) Kombai

Dogs are loyal no matter where they come from. If you give them a little love, they will make sure to fill your life with joy and loyalty till they are alive. Kombai breeds are found in Tamil Nadu and known for their honesty. These friendly dogs are hard to find now, if you are planning to adopt an Indian breed then this one is highly recommended.

2) Tangkhul Hui

These are a smaller version of husky not because of the strong body but because of the amount of hairs they carry with them. Found in manipur, this breed are addicted to cold whether and can’t survive in hot temperature. If you are a citizen of Uttarakhand, Himachal or any place that is surrounded by mountains then you can think of this breed. But unfortunately, these are not found easily as they are too less now.

3) Rampur Hound

This breed ranks on top when it comes to extinction of India Dog breeds. Rampur Hound is quite an old breed and used to be pet of the kings of India. These can be seen in Delhi, Bareilly and the cities of West Bengal. In nature, they are very much active and can do all the work that you want them to do.

4) Jonangi

By personality, this breed is bit different. They are brown in colour and have a kind of brown polka dots all over the body on the white skin. This breed can be considered as one-man or one-family dog and does not prefer to welcome guests. They remain in themselves and only listens to their owner.

5) Bakharwal

These cute and hairy puppies are found in heaven. Jammu and Kashmir is the only state where you can see these breeds. If you visit there in today’s date, you might not be able to see them because they are almost over.

6) Rajapalayam

Completely white in colour, Rajapalayam is found in South India. They are loyal, active and quite friendly with people who love them.

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7) Pandikona

Pandikona is one of those breeds that people are not very much aware of. These are short dogs which are found in Andhra Pradesh state.

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8) Kaikadi

Kaikadai is famous for being active always. They are always in alert mode and used for various activities. They fall under the category of athletic terrier dogs who are known for being the best watchdogs. If you find this breed, don’t forget to adopt one of it. These are better than the foreign breeds because of many different reasons.

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9) Tazi

Tazi was the only breed that was used to hunt fox, and other animals. Now in India, you cannot find it and if by any chance you see them, consider yourself lucky.

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10) Chippiparai

Chippiparai is considered as one of the most prominent dog that used to hunt deer and wild boar. Now they do not exists.

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When it comes to finding a dog we always look for foreign breeds and forget that in our country there are multiple breeds that can be proved better than them. We hope that we get to see these Indian breeds some day. It is a sad truth that after a few years, they won’t exists.

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