Since Google voice search was invented in 2009, it has had a significant impact on the number of searches in Google. Why is this? It must be because voice search is much faster than typing. More so, it is not as tedious as typing is in certain situations. If you are multitasking, typing can be overwhelming. It must be why people are in love with voice search.

Voice Search

Voice search has become much more than making everything easy for users. As a webmaster, voice search has so much in store for your SEO efforts. It is no longer a secret that voice search is the fastest-growing form of search. The good news for you is that your site has the opportunity to grow equally as fast, no matter whether you are seemingly a saturated business or a small business that is looking to expand like Picture Perfect Cleaning.

1) Increased traffic

It is quite apparent, if you can optimize your site for voice search, you are bound to benefit from increased website traffic, which means more conversions and sales for you. It is quite simple. As the use for voice search increases, so does the traffic in search engines. More people will be compelled to use the search engines due to the convenience. Increase in traffic will be guaranteed.

If you can provide fast and accurate answers to the users, they will be coming back. Google will take note of that and rank you for being helpful to the visitors and providing them with value.

2) Decrease in bounce rates

The issue of bounce rate has been around for quite a while. High bounce rates have been a nightmare for most web owners. As you may well be aware, a high bounce rate will get in the way of Google ranking your site.

The search engine interprets a high bounce rate as the inability of a website to provide the users with value or answers. Remember that search engines will only rank you if you are helpful. It is where the voice search comes in. Voice search provides the users with fast and accurate answers, therefore, reducing the probability of the users exiting. It consequently decreases the bounce rate.

3) Increases the visibility of your pages

How does voice search increase the visibility of a page? Well, look at it this way, how many are the times that you have tried to search for something on Google but cannot seem to get the results because of a spelling mistake? What you do not know is that this may interfere with the number of clicks that a site receives within a specific period. With voice search, the visibility of a website will be less likely to be affected by a spelling mistake.

Voice search counters spelling, mistakes and gives more accurate answers. Provided you use the right keywords in your content, the visibility of your page will improve significantly.

4) Mobile searches

The users of mobile devices increase with each passing day. What does that mean? People will be doing most of the tasks using their smartphones and tablets. Over 60 percent of the search engine queries originate from these mobile devices. It must be due to the convenience that comes with using the devices. You can search anytime and anywhere. During lunch breaks, as you commute to work and so on.

To have a competitive edge, you need to tap this audience using voice search. It will result in more and steady traffic and the overall success of your business and SEO efforts.

5) Impact On local SEO

Voice search has seen significant improvement in local SEO. Note that 74 percent of the users will visit a physical store within a couple of miles. The importance of voice search in Google maps cannot be ignored. People are now able to get more accurate directions to a particular location. You can imagine how much your sales will improve if you can use voice such in SEO to get people to your store.

To make the most out of voice search in SEO, you need to start focusing your content on being more of FAQs, developing content with an informal tone and considering what clients are more likely to ask. Capitalizing on voice search will significantly improve your SEO.