Staying at hotels and resorts is important when you are travelling. It is also one of the best feelings as after a long day of travelling; one can finally unpack, throw on a robe, and can relax. However, before enjoying the vacation time, you should take care of a few things while checking into a hotel. It provides security and helps the guests from getting sick. From checking bed bugs in your hotel bed to the doors of the room you checked in, toiletries, emergency exits and drinking glasses are some things you should check while checking in your hotel room.

A travel company named eShores spoke with some hotel employees, including receptionists, cleaners, and wait staff, to get some important travel do’s and don’ts. The travel company said that the hotel personnel had warned them of the importance of always flushing a hotel toilet before use, especially in warmer regions.

Why You Must Always Flush Your Toilet

It is important to flush the toilet immediately after checking in, and also returning to the room after a day out. The reason behind doing so is that in hot places, the space underneath the toilet seat and the toilet bowl can make the perfect hiding spots for insects like spiders. So it’s advisable to flush the toilet both before using and after using it.

It is also advisable to close the lid of the toilet seat before flushing and this doesn’t just apply when you’re in a hotel. It’s because when scientists used special lasers to see how far droplets from a flushed toilet travelled, last year the results were horrific.

Why You Must Always Flush Your Toilet

“You go to the bathroom, flush the handle, the stuff disappears, and you’re like, ‘boom, works great!'” Crimaldi, a professor of engineering at the University of Colorado told the publication. Then you look at the videos that we took and you’re like: ‘Oh, maybe not so great!'”