If you ever wondered how it feels to have your favorite meal inside an airplane then your wish is about to get fulfilled. Now you don’t more need to buy a plane ticket and do all those bookings and check-ins to get that awesome feeling of an aircraft while having dinner.

We have got some good news for foodies based in Vadodara or Gujarat as a new restaurant has opened it’s doors for the food lovers of Vadodara city. This newly opened restaurant is called HighFly and yes you can fulfill your dream of eating in the air while sitting on the ground itself. Isn’t it so awesome?

The owner said an airbus 320 was bought at the price of Rs 1.40 Crores from a Bangalore-based company to build the restaurant. All the parts of the airplane were bought to Vadodara and reassembled to create it into a restaurant. The HighFly restaurant has a seating capacity of around 100 people and the total cost to make this airplane restaurant was around 2 crores.

The owner said you will get the feel of traveling in the air while having dinner. The restaurant will be serving Punjabi, Chinese, Mexican, Continental, Italian and Thai food.

We can’t wait to go to the restaurant.

More updates coming soon.