Whether you’re a parent of a one-year-old or a party guest at the big smash cake celebration, chances are you want to celebrate the kid’s first trip around the sun with the best presents that can help them develop their motor skills. But the real problem arises when you need to decide what you get for the kid who’s in that tricky not-quite-a-baby and not-quite-a-toddler stage.

Well, if you ask me, you can get just about anything. A one-year-old especially a boy is an easy audience, because, to him, everything is fair game when it comes to play. It’s that age when the outer box really can be more exciting to him than the actual toy inside. This type of exploration and curiosity is the foundation for learning new skills about the world around them. The baby’s body is exploring, too, maybe experimenting with holding onto the edges of couches, walking, or trying to climb the stairs.

The motor development in the kid varies in expediency but these are the big milestones to keep in mind when shopping for baby items, toys, and games for the one-year-old boy. Colours, sounds, and textures to name a few, might be considered a 1-year-old’s values.

1) Little Tikes Spiralin’ Seas Waterpark Play Table

Whether the one-year-old boy loves bath time or not, a water table will blow his mind. It’s a saviour for parents when they want to kick their feet up. There are various sizes available and no matter what size you end up a “baby laughs or your money back” guarantee could come on the box of the table. This large size has room for multiple kiddos to splash and enjoy.

The waterpark play table makes hot days in the backyard so much more bearable for both the kids and the parents. Your kid is going to spend hours splashing about in this water table and is perfect for playdates.

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2) Glo Pals Water Activated Bath Toy

There’s an endless array of baby bath toys for kids of any age especially a one-year-old that’ll serve as wonderful distractions while their parents are going in on those neck folds. Well, how about the promise of a glow-in-the-dark tub? Drop this water-activated bath toy into the water, and it lights up, making the experience more like a party than a daily chore for your little boy that he is surely going to enjoy. There are tons of other characters available, too, like Daniel Tiger and Sesame Street. Your kid will ask for more of this toy and believe me, you’ll collect them all.

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3) Mushie Paint Palette Press Toy

Tired of all the noises that overstimulate you and now you need something extra quiet for play in the car on a plane or even at home? Then Press toys are gaining traction as the new fidget spinners for kids but they’re much safer as compared to fidget spinners for babies to engage with. This aesthetically pleasing imitation paint palette will keep your one-year-old baby boy’s little hands and brain occupied with minimal or probably no sound.

4) Honeysticks Originals Beeswax Crayons

The first year of a baby’s life is full of opportunities to build their fine motor skills. They are busy developing movements that involve smaller muscles, like those in fingers. By the time they are one year old, they may be able to grab and control crayons, especially larger ones. These chubby little nontoxic honeysticks beeswax crayons are safe if babies are still mouthing objects. The beeswax crayons are made of food-grade colouring ingredients and 100% pure New Zealand beeswax. Neither do they break like normal crayons.

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5) Nike Kids’ Blazer Mid-’77 High-Top Sneakers

Have you seen anything more adorable than a baby boy in pint-sized versions of an adult favourite?! You’ll give that one-year-old baby boy in your life instant street cred with this Nike’s white sneakers. Perfect timing to gift that, since they’re probably just starting to take their first steps, too. Imagine those little feet walking in these white sneakers from Nike! A blend of class and cuteness.

6) LeapFrog Learning Friends 100 Words Book

One of the most highly anticipated milestones in a kid’s life happens around the time he turns one: They’ll finally start learning to take their first steps and utter a few words. And one of the best ways for your baby boy to learn language is through repetition. You might get a bit overwhelmed and have to listen to the same words over and over again, but believe me these little kids love pushing the buttons in this interactive book. “The audio is very clear and easy to understand, so any child trying to learn words should have no trouble with it,” says one user. “Also, I love that it has the option to change to Spanish. Why not make him bilingual?”

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7) Fisher-Price Little People Disney Playset

Think of this set as your little one’s very first dollhouse. Well, I know you must be thinking that it’s probably for girls but wait, don’t boys love Disney characters? All of the figurines and pieces in this toy are the perfect easy-to-grasp size for a one-year-old. The toy house is packed with interactive features to help hone those fine motor skills and it is sturdy enough to withstand play. Those tiny hands will have fun rolling the train down the ramp to hear fun sounds from spinning Tinker Bell, Mickey, twirling the Dumbo ride, and pressing a special button to reveal Donald Duck.

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8) Green Toys Construction Trucks

Trucks, Cars and all these vehicles’ toys attract the attention of a one-year-old baby boy the most. They get so fascinated with these toys that they end up collecting most of them when they are toddlers. These green toy construction trucks are beloved by kids. They’re undeniably simple, but that’s part of the charm, especially for one-year-old boys. Nothing is frustrating about these trucks and your little one can easily figure out how to manipulate the few parts that move, but mostly just zoom them about. These kinds of toys are made from earth-friendly BPA-free recycled plastic and are highly durable.

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9) Shape Sorting Grocery Cart Push Toy

This shape sorting cart push toy is a walker, a food play and a shape sorter all in one. The shape-sorting grocery cart push toy from Melissa & Doug comes with chunky pieces and puzzle boards that help with motor skills, sorting and more. There is a cup holder so they can pour down some coffee on the go, just like their parents. But don’t worry, this coffee won’t keep them up at night just like it does to us.

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10) GUND My First Sports Bag

What can be more fascinating for a one-year-old baby boy than getting his own sports bag?! This sports bag from Gund has four different types of fluffy balls that won’t hurt them. A baseball, a basketball, a soccer ball and a football are all made from soft material. These will help in motor and sensory development in your kid.

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11) Lily & River Birch Wood Climber

This beautifully made wood climber is a perfect gift for a one-year-old little boy who is already showing an adventurous spirit. Starting to take his first steps or learning to climb stairs and who could use this wooden climber when it comes to balance and motor skills? The best part about this climber is you can adjust the height and add different attachments to keep your baby boy engaged up to 5 years old. You don’t even need to worry about keeping it away when not in use as the wood climber is foldable.

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12) KiwiCo Cell Shape Sorter

It’s said that the earlier you introduce your child to science the earlier they find it interesting. You can introduce your little boy to this shape sorter with this STEM-inspired gift. The rolling shape sorter is modelled after a cell and comes with a biology-themed board book. This teaches the little kid about the building blocks of life. Your one-year-old will have so much fun sorting the wooden shapes. Moreover, it helps them to improve their hand-eye coordination and colour-recognition skills as they play.

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13) VTech Spin and Learn Color Flashlight

Growing babies love anything that they can switch on and off and press the buttons to discover some melodious sound.  This spin-and-learn colour flashlight can be used by your little boy to press various buttons to trigger 50 sing-along songs, music, sounds and fun phrases. For early learners, like your one-year-old who has just started to learn a few words it also counts out numbers 1, 2, and 3.

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14)  Le Toy Van

For little ones who are still taking their first steps and mastering the art of walking, a push toy like this shopping cart is quite helpful. As they grow, they’ll find new ways to play and use the push toy. The little one will surely like pushing this wooden cart around and filling it up with whatever is in their path.

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15) Grimm’s Spiel und Holz Small Rainbow

These rainbow toys are wooden stacking and puzzle toys that are as pleasing to look at as they are fun to play with. These Grimm’s Spiel und Holz Small Rainbow stacker looks beautiful in its fully assembled form. It’s fun taking the stack apart and imagining new uses for the individual pieces of the rainbow stack.

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You can use the rainbow stack pieces as a belt, a hat, a phone, and a headband, and no doubt that your little boy can continue to add to the list. The rainbow stacker also looks good on a shelf after the playtime is over.