Are you bored at home and want to have a quick laugh? Corona is making your life a real hell. Due to coronavirus outbreaks in the world. People sitting in self-quarantine and government order to shut all the entertainment sources. Also, companies have to work from home to reduce the spread of coronavirus. Now only you are left with your electronic gadgets and internet in them? Now everyone is frightened and bored at their house and thus to bring a smile on your face we are sharing these funniest bored memes only for you.

Dealing with boredom is not at all easy. You just wish that it will pass soon. But the problem is that dealing with it for a small period is difficult.

50+ Funny Bored Memes That Will Make You Laugh

So the only solution in this period is to watch memes, make memes and share them all around. You can add different aspects of life to those memes and enjoy them. Even today bored memes are not boring they can entertain you. These funny bored memes can make you laugh till your cheeks start hurting.

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So let us look at some of the hilarious bored  memes

1) Meme (Not Sure if Boring or Furry)  is first on the list because in this meme a cartoon character is used as an image and he is too bored. It is difficult for him to decide if he is boring or furry. And the cherry on the cake is his lame eyes.

2) The next one on the list has an amazing name and you will laugh just by reading its name. ( Bored Then Go To Instagram And Find A Picture Of 4 Girls And Comment Down 3 Of You Are Looking Great And Fun Begins) this bored meme will help you.

3) (Born at 7:00 AM and bored at 7:01 AM) this one is my personal favorite as in this there is a small kid who is just born at 7:00 AM and the next minute he bore he realized that this world has boring vibes.

4) (Bored? Grab your dog’s face and draw its eyebrows and laugh until his next bath) in this meme, a white dog is having artificial black eyebrows which are quite funny.

So, don’t feel bored in this coronavirus crisis enjoy bored meme sitting on your couch.