With the option of online gambling, casino games are more popular than ever. They are becoming a part of people’s everyday life, so now it might be time to lose up on the casino traditions and bring some jokes to the table. Here are some jokes that hopefully will bring a little smile to your lips.

Brit at the casino

Why did the British guy bring his own French fries to the casino? He was told to bring his own chips.

For some reason, the Englishmen decided to call their fries chips. And they also call their potato chips crisps. So, no wonder why this poor brit got a little confused when he was heading toward the casino.

Deal with it

What is the dealer saying to his deck of cards, when he’s getting really pissed? I cannot deal with you anymore.

Hopefully, he hasn’t made a long-term deal with his deck. Otherwise, the deal might be over.

No savannah casinos

Why can you not find any casinos in savannah? Because it is full of cheetahs.

…and it can be dangerous to play against a true cheetah. He might strip you down to your bones.

Swedish pop stars

Why was ABBA never allowed into a casino, after they had a number one hit? Because the winner takes it all.

Even though this is a divorce song from Sweden’s most popular band, it perfectly sums up the emotions of seeing one person winning everything.

Ready for poker

What is your best chance of getting a Royal Flush at the casino? Visiting the toilet.

The Royal Flush is one of the highest hands you can have in poker. Therefore, it’s rare and you can never get your flush when you need it. Unless you pay a visit to the bathroom.


Why does Santa always lose in poker? Because he is checking twice.

Was this joke naughty or nice? Only Santa Claus can tell after he’s been making a list and checking it twice.

Back to the savannah

Mr. Tiger was upset after the game of poker last night and said: “This is the last time I’m playing with a cheetah”.

It must not be easy to be a cheetah when everyone is always super aware of your moves. You might ask yourselves: “What have I done? I’m just a nice, gentle cheetah”.

More Music

Why are Talking Heads never touring in Las Vegas? They are burning down the house.

In 1983 the American new wave band Talking Heads had a hit with their single “Burning Down the House”.

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