Looking for facts about love? Love is a feeling that can make you as high as being on Cocaine. Why? Nothing special. It’s only because it increases brain activity when you see the person of affection like you are on drugs. That’s a fact. Our brain cells make dopamine which is a natural stimulant, which is like a natural reward system to our body. That is why we’re always high in love. Today we have 5 Facts About LOVE That You Never Knew

But love towards a person doesn’t just act on the the outer look or the way they make you feel. It depends on a lot of factors like cultural influences which makes us behave and think a certain way. We don’t really understand the meaning of Love, because our minds have cognitive thinking.

5 Facts About LOVE That You Never Knew

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  1. Looking at a loved one relieves pain

Yes. Love has such effects on our minds that even by looking at a picture of the person you love relieves physical pain. Amazing isn’t it?

2. Similars Attract and not the opposite

It’s a fact that similar people, who have the same level of attractiveness attract to each other. It’s not true that opposites attract. Maybe sometimes they do. But most times, we usually get attached and attracted to a person if they share the same qualities that we have. It’s does not mean to say, both are physically similar people.

3. Sometimes people are attracted to each other who look similar

Do you see a couple and think, “They look like brother and sister!”. It’s because sometimes people tend to fall for the person who have similar physical qualities like they have.

4. Heart-break can physically weaken you

It’s not just a saying but it’s a fact that heart-break, loss of a loved one, separation can cause real pain in an area in our hearts which is known as Broken Heart Syndrome. This leads to chest pain and shortness of breath.

5. Holding hands can reduce stress

Yes, holding hands can reduce your stress levels. It’s also true for kissing. Any physical affection can reduce levels of stress and solve many problems in your life. It’s an emotion booster.

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