Have you ever wondered what you would do if you had to release yourself and you didn’t have a toilet? Well there are so many crude ways and places you could answer that call of nature. But what if you had a simple but the best portable toilet? Wouldn’t that be great?

This article will take an insight into what travel toilets are and everything you need to know about them.

Travel Toilets

The Different Types Of Portable Toilets

How do travel toilet dispose of the waste? How can you keep them clean? These are just some of the questions people ask before buying this toilet.

There are basically two types, one that degrades the waste using chemicals and the other that flushes. However, there are some which is quite simple with no flush.

An example includes: A luggable Loo portable toilet with bucket or a foldable toilet with a holding bag.

Some categories of travel toilet include the following:

  • Waterless Portable Toilet
  • Camping Portable Toilet
  • Chemical Portable Toilet
  • Boats Portable Toilet
  • Electric Portable Toilet
  • RV Portable Toilet
  • Eco-safe Portable Toilet
  • Large Portable Toilet
  • Travel Portable Toilet

The above mentioned types of travel toilets have parts you need to be aware of.

The first thing you will notice is the flushing mechanism, but the common terms you will encounter are bellows pump and piston pump.

A holding tank will either hold fresh water or waste. Seat cover and lid carry handle also vary depending on the type of the travel toilet in question.

The Things To Look Out For When Buying A Travel Toilet

The gallons—Since there are different brands in the market, different types will come with different sizes of the wastewater holding tank and the fresh water holding tank.

Size —This is quite important. In fact, what makes a travel toilet convenient is the fact that it can be moved around with little hassle.

Therefore, the weight and size of the toilet should be a consideration. Normally, the more gallons the tank can hold the bigger the toilet will be.

The sealing mechanism – This aspect is important if the travel toilet is to be kept somewhere enclosed for a long period of time. The thought of odors wafting in and out while traveling is disagreeable right?

If you are a trucker or planning to travel on a recreational vehicle, it is important that you pick one that has a sealed valve or other mechanisms that keep the odor in the holding tank.

Water tank/waste level indicator—There are sellers who don’t specify whether the toilet has indicators to direct you when the clean water or wastewater-holding tank needs to be refilled or emptied. If this is an important aspect to you then make sure you ask before you purchase.

Ease of cleaning—Look out for replaceable and detachable parts. The flush mechanism specification is also an important consideration. Ask how the rinse work and how powerful it is.

Leak proof—This is especially important for the holding tanks. The worst thing that can ever happen is carrying around a leaking toilet. The thickness of the material used to make the toilet can help you determine the best travel toilet.

And with that said, you should never suffer in silence when you can get yourself a travel toilet.

And the market has plenty of designs, shapes and colors to match your personality.

So make sure you get yourself one.