The stockbroker is one participant who always makes money in the stock market. It is irrespective of whether or not traders or investors end up making money here. Stock brokers generally make money during both times, including the markets’ rise and fall. In the past few years, discount brokers have changed the landscape for all stockbrokers for a better scope. Discount brokers mainly charge a fixed brokerage for every trade.

No matter the trade volume, you can save some money on the brokerage charge. You would not feel that you are paying a complete brokerage to a full-service broker in one transaction. But if you look at the complete amount you pay to the broker over the number of transactions, you will realize that you are paying a lot, burning a hole in your pocket.

You need to choose a discount broker if you are pretty frequent. While choosing a discount broker, ensure that they are trustworthy, charge a minimum brokerage fee and provide the latest charts and tools for technical analysis.

Some of the best discount brokers in India that you can trust are mentioned here

1) Zerodha demat account

One of the biggest discount brokers in India is Zerodha, as it has more than 12,00,000 customer bases. The broker was one of the first to introduce these fixed brokerage charges. It means that Zerodha charges a fixed brokerage of INR 20 per trade for zero brokerage and intraday delivery. For the majority of traders, the brokerage house is the first option. All thanks to its advanced chart and tools, you can easily integrate the Zerodha account with other tools, including streak and small case

Whether opening an account or going through a trading journey, you can always find Zerodha by your side. Customer support has always got your back.

2) Upstox Demat account

Upstox is one of the leading discount brokers in the country, and it is perfect for traders looking for minimum brokerage, high margins, and a great trading platform overall. You can expect high margins of around 28X for optimum returns, and the broker charges are as low as INR 20 per day. Stock delivery is completely free.

The best part about this trading platform is that it is completely advanced. The account opening is free, and the AMC is INR 25 per month.

3) Five paisa discount brokers

Five paise is one of the cheapest discount brokers in our country because it has a flat brokerage of just INR 10 per trade. This brokerage charge applies to all plans, including titanium and platinum. The brokerage house is perfect for traders who need access to an easy platform for trading. Even high-volume traders can choose this account to save money on brokerage charges. The best part about 5 paise is that it is an extremely paperless and quick account opening process.

4) Wisdom Capital

Wisdom capital is a discount broker offering various plans for brokerage, including the freedom plan, ultimate plan, and pro plan. The investors can choose the plan for the brokerage charges that align with their budget. The freedom plan offers zero brokerage charges no matter what plan you are choosing, but it does not offer a great margin.

If you are a high-margin broker, you can go for the pro and ultimate plans, where you have to pay a little extra brokerage. At the same time, you need to know that the AMC is the same for all the plans.

5) SAS online discount broker

The SAS online discount broker is your best bet if you’re looking for a low brokerage discount house, as it offers ₹9 as a brokerage for all the trade plans.

You can trade in intraday stocks, equity currency, and Commodity Futures. The brokerage has a judge turnover of 10,000 crores.

discount broker in india

6) Samco review

Samco discount broker is prominent for low brokerage charges besides optimum exposure. It is also prominent for margin products and free trading products. You can consider this brokerage house as it has a unique feature where you can take loans against your stocks and other financial products.

The brokerage houses a member of Bse and MCX that allows you to trade in commodity currency equity and bonds ETFs. The best of all is there are no opening account charges.

7) Trade Jini

TradeJini Here’s ideally a Bangalore-based discount broker with a maximum brokerage of just INR 20 per order. The brokerage makes it easy for you to trade in BSE, NSE, and MCX. Besides equity and derivatives, you can also trade or invest in debt instruments like mutual funds and ETFs.

You don’t have to pay any fees for opening the account, but the annual maintenance charges are INR 300 per year.

8) TradingBells

the broking house is a part of swastika investment limited, having more than 80 branches and 600 franchises across the country. It offers one of the premium brokerage plans, completely similar to a full-service stockbroking company.

Call and trade-to-cost are charged at INR 20 per order, while RMS square of trades will also be treated as the call and rate and charged at INR 20 per order. The only thing which is not right here is that you have to pay INR 750 to open an account.

9) TradeSmart

TradeSmart Online charges one of the lowest brokerages from seven paise for most of the segments provided in your trading list. The online discount brokerage venture of VNS finance with more than 20 years of business presence. It offers two brokerage plans: value trading plans for minimum-volume traders and power trading plans for big-volume traders.

You need to pay ₹15 per order, but the opening account charges are rupees 400, and annual maintenance charges add rupees 300.

10) Trade plus review

Trade is the online brand of Navya markets, and it has a lot of experience in the broking business. Besides trading in equity and derivatives, you can easily direct mutual funds, IPO and bonds, and ETFs. The call and rate are high at a flat rate of INR 75 per day, irrespective of the number of orders you place. Trade plus charges a monthly SMS charge of INR 99, provided you subscribe to the zero brokerage monthly plan.

The trading account opening phases are INR 200, and the annual maintenance charges for the first year are zero, and from the second year onwards, you have to pay INR 200.


Master trust

Master trust is a discount broking brand that offers 3 plans, including the 2020 brokerage plan, where you have to become your own investor.

Besides that, there is a standard plan for the long-term investor looking for valued services, and that is my plan for traders and other brokerages looking for around 25% of their plan. The opening account charges for all three plans are 100 rupees.


Hence, if you’re looking for the best discount broker in India, you can check out the list mentioned above and choose the one that aligns with your goals and budget.