Indians exhibit diversity in ways that are virtually unimaginable for someone outside the subcontinent. While the people of the country are starkly different in so many ways, there is one thing that they all – including people worldwide – agree upon, which is the importance of a good night’s rest. Several factors influence an individual’s sleep pattern internally and externally. A top criterion on the external factor list is the choice of your mattress. Before you get a mattress that suits you perfectly, you will need to get a sense of all the choices available, weigh its pros and cons and, ultimately, take home the ideal mattress that fits the bill. Here are the top contenders for mattresses in the Indian marketplace today.

Different type of mattresses available in the Indian market

1) Coir Mattress

Coir mattresses are traditionally Indian in nature. They are made of natural coconut fibers and are layered with a soft material like foam or latex to make the mattress bouncy. They are the most natural and chemical-free mattress options available in the market today. They are hygroscopic in nature, implying that the fibers of the mattress absorb sweat from the body of the sleeper or moisture from the air and keeps itself cool. It is a highly recommended choice for the tropical regions in India.

Go for a king size mattress to get a luxurious feel. The firm nature of the mattress is said to be good for incorrect sleeping posture, it is commonly observed that people do not find the firm mattress very fulfilling. Moreover, greater usage makes the coir fibers sag with the bodyweight over a period, making the mattress even more uncomfortable. However, it offers health benefits and is friendly to the environment, but the durability quotient of a coir mattress is lower than its counterparts.

2) Spring Mattress

Spring mattresses have been very popular amongst Indians. This mattress is attached with several metal springs which gives it an overall bouncy effect. While the person exerts pressure on the mattress, the springs respond by exerting equal pressure on the person, making a spring mattress a good support mechanism. This mattress is a good choice for people on the heavier side of the weight scale, as well as patients recovering from a back ailment. In such cases, this is the medically recommended option.

These mattresses, however, commonly encounter the motion transfer problem. Due to the presence of underlying springs, if there is a movement on one side of the bed, the springs transfer this disturbance to all sides of the bed. This could easily ruin your sleep if you’re a light sleeper and act as a purchasing deterrent. On the affordability front, spring mattresses are quite affordable and are largely found in lower-middle and middle incomes households in India. However, it must be noted that the lifespan of a spring mattress is not very long.

3) Foam Mattresses

As the name suggests, these mattresses are made of layers of foam which impart a soft and spongy texture to the mattress. It ranks among the highest in the comfort factor. The foam traps air between the layers and generates an effect that enhances the user’s comfort. They’re cheaper than coir mattresses, and have a better lifespan than both spring and coir mattresses, making them a better long-term investment for households. It is also very easy to find this kind of mattress online. Foam mattresses tend to retain a lot of heat because of the multiple layers of foam present in them. While this is a useful attribute in strong winter zones, in a tropical country like India, this is viewed more as a disadvantage. When these mattresses retain a lot of heat, it makes for uncomfortable and significantly warmer sleep during the summers.

This mattress category also faces a major sagging issue. At the points where the pressure exerted is more, or more frequent, the mattress begins to sag. As the rest of the area is untouched, the surface of the mattress becomes uneven and uncomfortable.

4) Memory Foam Mattresses

Memory foam, also called visco-elastic foam, is an extension of the foam mattress with additional features. This mattress retains and remembers your body shape even after you leave the bed. Memory foam blankets are inbuilt with an open cell structure that uses your body heat to recognize the pressure points of your body, and accordingly molds the mattress to your body shape. The optimal shape-shifting nature of the mattress makes it a great pressure point reliever, offering the right relaxation your body requires. Additionally, it is suitable for all sleeping positions and does not encounter the motion transfer problem as identified in the spring mattress. Duroflex mattress offers a wide range of memory foam mattresses that enable the shape-shifting property and add to the user’s comfort.

How well a mattress can be cleaned is a major pain point for Indians who experience a huge amount of dust in their surroundings. Memory foam mattresses are a great choice here because they’re dust-resistant; dust particles cannot enter the visco-elastic structure of the mattress. However, this mattress faces a mobility issue. Since it records your previous sleeping position, it may make it cumbersome for you to take a new one while you’re asleep.

The aforementioned four are not the only mattress categories available in India; they’re the predominant ones. Apart from this, you can choose from latex mattresses, orthopedic mattresses, Bonnell spring mattresses, or bonded foam mattresses. While coir mattresses are more traditionally preferred, spring mattresses have been known to be popular, especially amongst children, for their bounce effect. Foam and memory foam mattresses are widely purchased and offer unique health benefits, as well as a specialized user experience. To facilitate your buying experience with ease, the Bajaj Finserv EMI Store lets you choose from a variety of products from India’s top brands in the same place, while also availing of exciting offers and discounts. You can find the exact product you’re interested in by looking up the mattress online. So, make a list of all your requirements and bring home your favorite mattress today.