Deepika ​Padukone and Ranveer ​Singh first ​met while working ​on the ​film “Goliyon Ki ​Raasleela Ram-Leela,” ​directed by Sanjay ​Leela Bhansali. ​Their on-screen chemistry ​was undeniable, ​and it soon ​translated into ​a real-life romance. ​They kept ​their relationship mostly ​private initially ​but eventually tied ​the knot ​in a beautiful ​and private ​ceremony at Lake ​Como, Italy, ​in November 2018.

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Deepika ​and Ranveer are ​known for ​their remarkable acting ​skills, unique ​style, and dynamic ​personalities. Deepika ​is hailed for ​her elegance ​and grace, while ​Ranveer is ​famous for his ​quirky fashion ​choices and boundless ​energy. Their ​relationship and love ​story have ​been an inspiration ​to many, ​symbolizing the perfect ​blend of ​talent, glamour, and ​genuine affection. ​They’ve appeared together ​in several ​films, showcasing their ​on-screen chemistry ​and making them ​one of ​Bollywood’s power couples. Koffee With ​Karan Season ​8′ began with ​a bang. ​Deepika Padukone and ​Ranveer Singh ​graced the Koffee ​couch and ​fans cannot stop ​talking about ​the same. However, ​what seems ​to have been ​the highlight ​of the episode ​has been ​the relationship status ​of Deepika ​and Ranveer before ​the proposal ​that fans seemed ​to have ​deciphered from the ​episode. Deepika ​made some jaw-dropping ​revelations about ​the early stages ​of her ​relationship with Ranveer ​and many ​on the internet ​seem to ​have got started ​by it.


Memes ​featuring Deepika and ​Ranveer have ​spread widely on ​social media ​platforms. Their adorable ​moments, humorous ​expressions, and stylish ​appearances have ​become meme material, ​resonating with ​fans and internet ​users. These ​memes often humorously ​highlight their ​contrasting personalities and ​fashion choices, ​making them a ​beloved subject ​in the world ​of internet ​humor. Additionally, their ​commitment to ​each other has ​served as ​a heartwarming example ​of a ​strong and enduring ​Bollywood love ​story, which has ​endeared them ​to fans all ​over the ​world.. ​During their conversation ​with Karan ​Johar, Deepika revealed ​that Ranveer ​and herself were ​not in ​an exclusive relationship ​until he ​proposed to her ​in the Maldives. ​” Until she ​proposed to ​me, there was ​no commitment ​as such.

At the time, ​Jada, was ​rumored to be ​in a ​relationship with Alsina, ​referring to ​her affair as ​’entanglement’ and Ranveer was shocked

On ​Twitter, several memes ​began circulating ​post the episode ​telecasted on ​Disney+ Hotstar koffe with Karan season 8 A ​user wrote, ​”Ranveer Singh ka ​Will Smith ​moment ho gaya ​kya?”, another ​said, ” spot ​the difference ​de elei… Ranveer ​Singh = Indian ​Will Smith.” Users could not control their laughter and shared lots of memes in less than 24 hours of release

On ​Instagram, users ​wrote comments such ​as, “Jada ​and Will Smith from Meesho and burst out laughing.