Couponing 101: Everything You Need to Know About “Buy One, Get One for 50% Off” Deals


Everybody has at one point or the other seen it at a store or when shopping online: the small coupon code box that tends to shows up in your shopping cart or when at the checkout. They might call it discount code, gift coupon, promo code, gift code offer code, buy one get one free, “buy one, get one for 50% off” or other variations.

Whatever the name, this represents a window, however small, of savings a few dollars on your order. However, it requires a bit of know-how if you are to successfully navigate the world of coupons and offers.

In recent years, one of the most popular marketing ideas is the catchy concept of Buy One Get One. Though it can come under various names, buy one get one 50% off has one goal and it does it very well: driving sales.

It’s also known as BOGO or B1G1. These types of sales that are now being offered by many stores can be a buyer’s dream because at specific stores they can use a coupon per item.

How it Works

Normally, Buy One, Get One for 50% off sale covers an extensive range of prices. Although the acronym stands for Buy One, Get One, it doesn’t always mean that the buyer has to buy one product to get an additional one. At most stores, BOGO can be interchanged with Buy One, Get One for 50% off, or simply 50% off.

When you only buy one of an item marked as BOGO, instead of the till bell ringing up the full price until when you buy the 2nd item, you will actually end up getting that one item but for half the price off (without actually having to purchase the 2nd item).

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You may, for example, be shopping product items priced between $7 and $19. If you went ahead and bought 2 items with an identical price, then you will be saving 25% off each, the best possible outcome for you. Another BOGO sales benefit is when it also comes with a BOGO coupon.

If the couponing stars happen to align, then you will be getting both products for free! This is because the coupon is awarding you one free item while the store is also giving you another item for free: therefore, you end up getting both for free.

Applying a BOGO 50%Coupon Code

Once you have located a valid BOGO 50% code or coupon, you can apply it to your specific order through pasting, copying or typing it into the available coupon code box, and by clicking the button, it becomes effective. Depending on the design of the store’s ordering form, the code box is normally found at some stages during the checkout.

Some stores allow the shopper to apply the code before proceeding to the checkout, while others will only allow it after reaching the checkout process. Just be alert so that you don’t accidentally place your order before entering the code.


There is much potential for turning that 50% off coupon into a money-saving deal. So when you come across that little coupon box in your shopping cart, don’t allow the opportunity to slip by. It simply calls for some basic understanding of how offers like BOGO work and a bit of research before you master how to leverage such money-saving opportunities.

Lastly, always strive to check whether the shop you plan to shop from actually honors their BOGO promises before you assume that all items that you purchase will ring up half price. You may be surprised to find that in a store where you thought you would shop at 50 percent off, everyone else is going to buy, get one.

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