Memes mocking conspiracy theories can serve a morally useful purpose: highlighting their absurdity and improbability. Most Q&A non-stories, for example, don’t include an “Intergalactic S*x Dungeon on Mars.” They do, however, make some ridiculous claims, not the least of which is that Trump, who is known for his arrogance, is a global savior. A conspiracy meme and humor can help to make this outrageousness even more apparent.

Furthermore, with memes about the quirks of living in the COVID era, laughing at conspiracy theories can have a “soothing and uplifting” effect on non-believers. The last twelve months have been bleak, and online horror stories of vampiric dictators, 5G towers, and regimes utilizing vaccines to make their populace meek and subservient have just added to the gloom. A conspiracy meme can provide a brief reprieve from this quagmire while also highlighting the shakiness of the narratives they mock.

50+ Conspiracy Memes That Are Sarcastic & Funny At The Same Time

Any media coverage of conspiracy theories runs the danger of providing them free attention — and possibly gaining them supporters. This danger came into light after an episode of South Park aimed at Q&A and anti-vaxxers aired. “S**t, we’ve [been] waiting on MSM [mainstream media], and they do it on a cartoon!!!!,” one Q&A supporter posted on a platform associated with the movement.

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Funniest Conspiracy theory memes that will make you laugh

Any coverage of online conspiracies — including this article — inevitably carries the danger of unintended notoriety. On the other hand, not reporting on those stories is a no-no. A conspiracy meme has its own set of risks, not least of which is that those narratives will continue uncontested in public. In any case, in today’s digitized media landscape, turning a blind eye to online conspiracy theories is nearly impossible. conspiracy memes conspiracy memes conspiracy memes conspiracy memes conspiracy memes

The conspiracy meme of Keanu Charles Reeves is very famous. The meme is very relatable. The funny part is the imagination people put in the meme. Like, “What if cats have their internet and it’s full of pictures of us.”

The “Epstein didn’t kill himself” memes are also famous. They imply that the general public in the United States is wary of the closed chambers and dark fringes that seem to enclose and govern their lives. The circumstances of Epstein’s death, which occurred alone in a camera-less room guarded by two asleep men, will remain forever unknown. People, tired of staring into space, try to fill it with Holmesian deductions, outlandish hypotheses, and then a strange conspiracy meme.