Once you decide that it is time to consider buying new tires to replace the old ones or for other personal reasons, you will definitely explore any possible ways you can save money. Cheap tires may be a tempting option, but there is so much to look into before you rush into such a decision. Sometimes cheap may be expensive in the long run.


There is more to look into when buying tires than the price. The tire may be cheap but this does not automatically make it poor quality, and also, expensive tires do not guarantee good quality. There are a lot of factors that are taken into account when pricing tires. The following is a comparison between expensive and cheap tires that could help in making a shopping decision.

1) Durability

Durability is one of the factors that can be used to determine whether a tire is worth the money stated. The most durable tires are considered cheap no matter the price stated when considering the long-term insight. Durable tires last longer therefore, you won’t have to incur more money on replacements sooner.

There are several ways to determine how durable a tire is. If the rubber is softer, then the performance will be good. However, this tire will wear faster due to friction. A tire with hard rubber is considered more durable regardless of whether they are expensive or cheap tires online.

Tires with steady sidewalls are also considered durable. To understand more about how to check the durability of a tire, you will need to do some research before you report for shopping or take an expert with you.

2) Handling

Good quality tires should be able to handle better. Better handling can drive the price high because of the demand. Handling is not something that you can take for granted in an effort to save some money by buying cheap tires with poor handling.

Good quality tires should improve the handling of your vehicle. This means that the tires are able to grip the road as required therefore, the chances of the vehicle losing balance are very minimal.

Better handling gives you the confidence to drive on the road. This is so because you know that the vehicle balancing is as required, and there are minimal chances of the vehicle rolling.

3) Tread

The pattern of the tread and the thickness of the treading have an impact on the price of the tires. Cheap tires will likely have thin treads as compared to tires with thick tread patterns.

Thick tread makes the vehicle get better handling, even on snowy and icy roads.  However, if you find too much noise when driving destructive, the cheaper tires with thin treads may offer the best option for you. Thick treads produce a lot of noise on the road.

Deciding whether to buy cheap or expensive tires rounds off to putting your needs first. Get a tire that you will be more comfortable driving on the road. Tires that have thick tread are generally expensive, but the tread alone is not a factor enough to decide on the tire to buy.

4) Braking Distance

Short braking is better because it offers a better and easier reaction in case of an accident or emergency. Tires with shorter braking lengths are likely to be expensive based on the convenience they provide.

The braking distance is one of the several things you need to factor out when deciding whether to buy cheap or expensive tires. You should all the factors together and go for the decision that offers the most advantages.

5) Comfort

Most of the physical features of different tires are majorly purposed to offer a good driving experience. The higher the quality of the door, the higher the comfortable experience when driving.

Quality tires are supposed to help absorb shocks and bumps while driving. This means you get a smooth ride, and the chances of getting tired greatly decrease.

6) Noise

If you are targeting tires that will produce less noise on the road, then cheap tires online are the ideal option. The tires are made not very strong rubber, which means they are soft and likely to generate minimal noise in contact with the road.

7) The Brand Name

Branding has a big impact on the prices of tires. Well-known brands will have their tires expensive regardless of the quality because they have high demand.

On the other hand, coming-up brands may even sell their tires at discounts in an effort to attract customers.