Outdoor security cameras are professional security devices that can record anything which approaches the area where you have fixed the camera. This will record any kind of unusual activity taking place, so emergency measures can be taken before the damage.

Security cameras are gaining popularity in today’s technologically driven society because of its ability to capture anything which is unusual without having to manually guard the area. Outdoor security cameras are lodged in almost every modern household for strict surveillance against uncanny occurrences and behaviors.

We all know that dogs are guards in our houses because of their heightened sense of audibility and smell. But there are houses that do not have dogs as their guards rely on outdoor security cameras. It is always advisable to install outdoor as well as indoor security cameras so that you are always on alert.

Best Outdoor Security Cameras Black Friday Deals & Cyber Monday Sale

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It is thus very important to know the various types of outdoor security cameras to help you choose from the Black Friday Deals.

The two very basic types are hard-wired, which is the incorporation of wires and cables. The other type is wireless cameras. The latter is preferred over the former because of its efficiency, but hard-wired cameras have better visibility and recording capabilities. The following types are both an infusion of wireless as well as hardwired.

1) Wide-Angle Lens

Wide-angle lens outdoor cameras are widely used because of their large area coverage. This will record all the activities taking place in and around the area where the camera is lodged.

2) Dome-shaped Camera

As the word suggests, this camera is dome-shaped and is a very useful and reliable source of recording any unwanted activity through its lens which can be zoomed in or out according to your convenience.

3) Bullet Camera

Don’t take the word in its literal sense. It means that the lens is very narrow and focuses only on one direction. This feature cannot be altered, but you can consider buying several outdoor bullet cameras to serve your purpose.

4) Colour or black and white camera

The most basic form of the camera which is barely used these days is the black and white camera. The most popular form is, of course, colored cameras that come with exciting features.

5) Weather-resistant Cameras

These are the most preferred type because of their durability and ability to resist harmful weather. Most of them come with hoods to provide an extra layer of protection, while some have inbuilt thermostat-sensitive receptors through which these cameras can adjust according to the temperatures.

Best Outdoor Security Cameras Black Friday Deals & Cyber Monday Sale

Features of Outdoor Security Cameras

There are certain distinctive features of outdoor security cameras that you need to know before purchasing one:-

1) Smart Home Devices

The term ‘smart’ here refers to the fact that these cameras can be linked to your android or smartphone for you to view the events taking place in front of the camera instead of sitting down in one place and staring at your PC to detect any uncanny behavior.

If you have Wi-Fi at home, you can connect your outdoor security camera to it in order to view it on any device. However, the device needs to be connected to Wi-Fi for you to access it.

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2) Alert

One of the best features of outdoor security cameras is their ability to detect any kind of noise which is out of the ordinary and send in a warning signal to alert you to the events taking place in front of the camera.

For this, the device where you will be viewing the surveillance footage needs to be connected to the camera through the Wi-Fi. Once the security camera detects any kind of noise which is outside the usual, it will send an alert to your connected device.

However, you must keep this in mind to alter the alert device so the alarm won’t go off for inevitable noise like dogs barking, birds chirping, etc.

3) Can withstand bad weather

We all know it is a solid outdoor device when it can withstand heavy temperatures and winds. This feature is also present in these outdoor security cameras which work properly even when there is a storm.

4) Bluetooth accessing

If you do not have Wi-Fi, these smart home devices can be connected to your phones via Bluetooth. The only issue with this is that you must maintain the range at which the Bluetooth signal is available. If you go further away from it, then, you will not be able to access the outdoor security camera footage.

Bluetooth connectivity is a much easier option than Wi-Fi one because it is wireless and extra-efficient. The alarm signal can directly go off on your phone so you can take swift action.

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Pros and Cons

Here are the pros associated with outdoor security cameras

1) They are very efficient and can help you view everything that is going on outside your house. It makes you alert about any unusual behavior taking place outside so you can always be ready to face it.

2) It has a motion and sound detector which goes off once there is any sort of uncanny event taking place within the viewing range of the camera.

3) It is a smart device that can easily be connected to your device through Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.

4) It is dust resistant and to some extent moisture resistant. This is indicated by its IP number.

Here are certain cons associated with outdoor security cameras

1) It is not 100% water-resistant and hence should not come in contact with water.

2) If you are connecting the camera to your device through Bluetooth, you cannot go out of the minimum range. You must remain within a certain range through which Bluetooth can function.

We hope you loved our article about outdoor security camera Black Friday Deals. We tried our best to showcase the benefits and pros and cons of outdoor security cameras. Get the best Black Friday Deal and enjoy the shopping festival.