Kimbho App Removed From Play Store : Yesterday Baba Ramdev launched Kimbho App on Google Play Store and got good number of downloads also but today when we were searching for the app on Play Store, It was not available. We still don’t know the reason why the App has been removed or deleted from Play Store but yes for the moment the App is not available. However the App is still available on Apple App Store.

The Kimbho App is launched as the desi version of WhatsApp and is aiming at competing against the worlds biggest messaging platform Whatsapp. Everyone who searched for the app on Play Store were amused at the sudden removal of the app.

kimbho app removed from play store

According to spokes person of Patanjali, Kimbho is a sanskrit word which means ‘How are you’ The tagline of this App is ‘Now Bharat will speak’ The launch of app came just after few day of announcing the Sim Card in tie up with BSNL.

So far around 5,000 people downloaded the App and reviews were seen of full issues and concern and we guess it will be very difficult for Kimbho to compete against the messaging giant Whatsapp which is owned by Facebook.

The features of Kimbho includes Free Video & Phone calling along with private group chat option. Also you can share photos, videos, audio, quickies, gif, location doodle, stickers and more.

We hope people download this App and prefer the desi version of WhatsApp.

Also kindly let us know the reviews of Kinbho in comment section below if you have used the messaging App