Speedy internet is something people today see as a requirement for any place, be it home, work, recreational places, or the like. There’s so much we need the internet for. Twitch streaming is one example. The majority of gamers in today’s world take to Twitch and other streaming sites to show what they do best and to make some quick money in the process. Of course, streaming is only good when the streamer has high-quality video and audio to show their viewers. This is only possible through sufficient speeds. Another example is Zoom calls. With COVID still making its presence known now and then, companies aren’t shelving Zoom anytime soon. Having good video and audio for all sorts of business dealings or even classes is mandatory.

Achieving Blazing Fast Internet Speeds and How to Maintain Them

Given its importance, if someone dared to make a place Wi-Fi or Ethernet-accessible, they better have done a good job. The public demands it. You probably also demand it. And as good Samaritans, we shall share some quick and nifty tips on how to make your internet one of the very best out there to save you from some corny comments and probably also help avoid you pulling out your hair in the process.

Upgrade Your Internet Speed

This is the easiest option for enabling better speeds. One viable option you have when it comes to subscribing to high-speed plans is AT &T. It offers superb speeds at amazing AT&T Internet prices. And all that is provided 24/7 regardless of peak times. Whether you’re in a house full of people using the internet for streaming, video gaming, or the like, AT&T can bear the load.

Relocate Your Router

Your router communicates with your devices using radio waves that range from anywhere between 2.4 to 5 GHz. Naturally, radio waves can have their signals dampened if placed far away from devices that need internet access. Some people like keeping their routers locked up in cupboards to prevent children from knocking them off or resetting them. Although this may be a good idea security-wise, it can also hamper signal strength. The thing with routers is that the less interference in the form of walls and other objects they get, the better. Try and keep your router away from reach by placing it in an elevated position, maybe on top of the cupboard rather than inside it. Alternatively, you could try installing your router close to or on the ceiling. Double tape can help with this.  In short, keep your router in an open space, keep it high above, and bring forth the speeds that you deserve.

Use Wi-Fi Extenders

A nifty trick known mostly to the tech-savvy is installing Wi-Fi extenders to give your signal strength the extra ‘oomph’. These gadgets take the signal provided by your router, replenish its strength, and add to its range. So suppose your router barely touches the area your lawn covers. Installing a Wi-Fi extender close to where the signals begin to dwindle will boost signal strength, cover your lawn space, and probably be good enough to even get your Wi-Fi accessible well outside your house boundaries. You’d want to set up a Wi-Fi password at that occurrence though. Still, the point made! More is better. Just keep it secure.

Try an Ethernet Cable

Can’t go wrong with this one. When all else fails and wireless just doesn’t seem to cut it, there’s always the good old option of shifting to a wired connection. Ethernet cables provide a trusty connection direct from the router to the device provided your cable is in good shape. We sometimes forget that going back to the basics can be good too. The only downside here is that cables can often limit your flexibility of working from where you want. You’d have to limit yourself to places where the Ethernet cable can reach. If you are adamant about this option though, one can always spend a little extra cash and get a bigger cable to maximize the reach. There are lots of workarounds but it also means additional work to be done. We’ll let you decide.

For gamers and other dedicated, hardcore internet users, Ethernet cables never really went out of fashion. Look to them if you want to see how reliable these cables can be for users. All streamers and gamers generally avail the Ethernet option for their needs and we vouch for this. Cables may be more limited but they are reliable in their speeds. Weigh out the pros and cons for yourself.

Restart Your Router

The one-stop solution for people of all ages. If it won’t work, restart it. Electrical devices can lag and get messed up but with a quick refresh, the majority of the time, they can regain their optimality. For the elderly, this is the only option at hand as they choose to stay cool with the sticks and stones method. We’d recommend this too if it’s just a simple refresh that’s needed. Try going for this option first. Because if the most basic of all techniques doesn’t work, then you know for sure that something a bit more “technically advanced” is needed. Working from the ground up, if you will.


To conclude, there’s a plethora of options and upgrades to help provide enough leverage over internet speed roadblocks. The trick is to be smart about the problems and equip yourself with the right knowledge to help you figure out the why and why not. Save yourself the worry and just follow our guidelines and we guarantee you relatively hassle-free access to blazing fast internet speeds.