It’s 2022, and millions of people are working as freelancers. If you’re not employed under the umbrella of a company, and you’re the only person responsible for your time management, you’re a freelancer. We’re not talking about freelance contractors fixing your roof but people in the digital world.

Every freelancer needs a set of tools and accessories on the side to make an excellent freelancing career. We’re sharing nine of them that you must own in this article. Follow up to see what they are and get them if you’re missing some.

1) Flawless laptop

Freelancing means working without fixed hours and a fixed office, which means you can be anywhere on this planet and do your job. For that, though, you need a flawless laptop.

Choose one with a long-lasting battery and amazing features that will never cause issues, slow connection, or inability to load documents. For example, this MacBook air space grey model is everything you need. It will never fail you and work for hours no matter the conditions.

2) HD camera and possibly some lighting with it

There’s nothing worse than being in a meeting with a well-paying client, and your face looks like a game designed in 1983. Invest in an HD camera and some lighting to always look professional.

Although most laptops today have excellent cameras integrated inside, desktop computers and monitors going with them are not as sophisticated. Get yourself a camera that will show you in the perfect light, and make sure the other party sees a clear image of you.

3) Additional Wi-Fi solutions

When you’re a freelancer, you work through the internet. That’s your main working tool aside from the electricity. When the main internet line is malfunctioning, and you have an important meeting, you can’t excuse yourself and not attend.

What you need is an additional Wi-Fi source. Your phone’s data connectivity is most commonly the alternative solution, but it’s wise also to have a third one if possible. These additional networks available for you may save you in challenging situations.

4) Solar panels and an electricity generator

You can’t work forever without electricity. You may have enough battery on your laptop to go through a couple of hours, but long-time shortages can cause power deficiency, devastating for your business.

As a freelancer, you’re somewhat a business person, which means you need to always be available for your clients. Installing solar panels and generating your own electricity or having a power generator running on fuel in the garage can save you from difficult situations.

5) A perfect ergonomic chair

Some freelancers spend more than 10 hours working every day. You may be a graphic designer, content writer, marketing manager, or something else, but you’ll surely find yourself stuck in the chair on some days when there’s too much work and deadlines are approaching.

To be able to withhold the pressure, you need the perfect chair. Most people working at a desk will have a suitable chair, but do they have the perfect ergonomic chair keeping their posture and making them feel relaxed? You want this type of chair if you want to make it through these times.

6) Business cards for valuable moments when meeting influential people

Your job may be entirely digital, but a physical business card can give so much value at the right time at the right place. Suppose you’re at a party and you meet someone truly influential. Giving them your business card may mean landing a terrific client.

If you don’t have anything to show for it, you’ll only lose a tremendous opportunity because this person will surely not remember you, and trying to find an alternative solution will only make you an amateur – so, own and share your physical business cards.

7) An espresso machine

A freelancer without the right amount of coffee to keep them through the day is not called a freelancer but a person who can’t meet deadlines. That’s the life of freelancers, always struggling to get things in time and with the best quality possible.

Keep an espresso machine in the kitchen and prepare the tastiest and strongest espresso. It is what will make your work time bearable and keep you focused.

8) Flawless mouse

Some professions do not rely on the mouse, but most do. Even if you’re working on a laptop with a touchpad, you still want a mouse to get the job right.

Pick one that is ergonomically made and will be perfect in your hand. Choose a vertical mouse that will prevent Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and keep your body in perfect shape.

9) Personalized and ergonomic keyboard

A personalized and ergonomic keyboard is also essential, especially for those people working as content writers. Your fingers will get used to any type, but you need to feel comfortable when writing.

This is why an ergonomic, and preferably one that is comfortable personally for you, is an option you should aim for.