7 Things That Happen When You Can’t Speak English In India


At the expense of our beautiful religion we are blindly worshiping a language that Britishers taught us before leaving our country. There are few struggles which people like you and me face who can’t speak english in India.



Who the hell said you can equate literacy rate with the ability to speak English, bro their is much more than speaking english. Remember Knowledge is more important than English.

2) Admit It, A Conversation In English Is Your Worst Nightmare

A Conversation In English Is Your Worst Nightmare

Yes yes, thank you thank you, very ok very ok is all you know.

3) In school and college you have been punished a lot of times for not speaking in english


We love speaking in our mother tongue and mixing it with Hindi is always fun. Ummm we never speak english with friends

4) Your friends laugh at you during presentations.

vidya balan laughing

It’s always good to make people laugh and happy.

5) You don’t understand almost all high profile english words.

fawad khan bollywood gif

6) You don’t prefer giving order at hi-5 restaurants because you don’t know how to pronounce the food from the menu properly

bollywood gif sonam kapoor

7) Girls don’t prefer talking to you if you can’t speak english

bollywood gif

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