1) Remember that you can’t please everyone in life

you cant please every one in life

So you are in this world to please people around you ? hell no ! let people go on their way if they have a problem with you. Only family and few good friends will stick around with you. Remember that you cannot be best friend with everyone !

2) Rules are meant to be broken !

break the rules gif

So you think following rules is cool ? Dude breaking them is even cooler. You should definitely follow rules but sometimes you break then it’s fine. Bunking a college lecture and hanging out with friends or having shots of Taquilla and getting wasted is totally fine, it’s not a big deal or making love with your partner in a car without condom is okay. People who do crazy thing are still alive and living happily.

3) To move on in life you don’t need a apology for anyone

To move on in life you don't need a apology for anyone

Are you pissed off at someone ?

Well, just move on and forget about what happened, The more you will think about it the more you will get hurt. Pull up a chilled beer, listen to your favourite music and relax.

4) Just Let it go

just let it go

Sometimes you will be in a situation where things are not in your control and you need to let it go. Yes don’t hold it, time will take care of you and you will get what you deserve.

5) Take a break, Go on a vacation

take a break and go on vacation

Tired of your daily boring routine ? You need to take a break and visit a place where you find peace. Remember taking break is not a crime. Sometimes the only way to solve a problem in life is to shut the fuck up, stop thinking, chill and go on a vacation.

6) Stop believing everything you read in the news and internet.

breaking news gif

Never believe things which you have read on the internet, especially on Facebook. Just to draw attention from people, headlines were created.  Form your own opinion instead of thinking about what people will say.

7) Who cares what’s gonna happen tomorrow as long as we can have some fun today

enjoy life

Remember you live only once so chill and have fun with because time is never going to come back.

Life is never meant to be taken seriously – don’t get serious :p