You’re missing out on so much if you are not dating a Marathi mulgi. You will ask why ? Because Marathi mulgi’s are really awesome. Need more motivation? Today we have 7 Reasons Why Dating A Marathi Girl Is Awesome.

1) Marathi Girls look very pretty in traditional dress

girls look pretty in traditional

Marathi girls look fabulous in Choli and Lugda. No body in this wold can carry it better than them as it it their traditional dress.

2) Nobody can take on you when she is around

girl slaps boyfriends

Never mess around with a marathi girl, they will take you down in seconds as they are really very bold and strong, so next time when you are in Maharashtra you don’t need to worry about women safety.

3) Marathi girls are Good at bargaining

girls bargaining

A marathi girl always knows the value of hard earned money as most of then are working thus has the ability of saving a lot of money and thinking about future.

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4) No Attitude, They are Down to Earth !

marathi girls are down to earth

Marathi girls don’t expect you to give them expensive gifts nor they demand a dinner at expensive hotel/restaurant, All they want is to spend some quality time with you.

5) They are Big fan of Ganesh Chaturthi

marathi girls are big fan of ganesh chaturthi

You will find Marathi girls in a party-freak mode and totally rejuvenates during festive season of Ganesh Chaturthi. Pro tip :- always carry some pain killer and moov if you have haver danced in Ganesh visharjan.

6) They Love street shopping

marathi girls are fine of street shopping

For them it’s not about Zara, Versace or Gucci , No funky stuff, just mesmerizing looks with plain dressing. For them it is all about looking pretty and beautiful within a small budget.

7) They are loyal with their partner

marathi girls are loyal

Marathi girls are sweet, beautiful, innocent and good at heart. no conspiracy or love game, for them it’s just love.

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