1) They love to talk, so you will never get bored with them

sindhis love to talk

Sindhi’s are expert in talking and they know how to keep  conversation alive all the time.

2) All of them are drama Queens and Kings for eternity

sindhis are drama queen and king

They can easily convince you in any way. They will become cry-babie and behave so innocent that your heart will melt and their mission will be accomplished.

3) They are party animals

sindhis love to party

Sindhis- being the Heart and the Liver of the party, know how to take it down! Yah, all people party when something good happens, but Sindhi guys will party regardless of the reason! Sindhis don’t need a reason to party, they party even when they have failed in exam or suffered a loss in business.

4) Chilled out scene + Desi masti = Sindhis

sindhi gif

They are people with modern thoughts and love to dance in a wedding as well as will talk about the latest happening in and around they world. They have knowledge about almost everything.

5) They are super romantic

sindhis are romantic

You can expect expensive gifts and dinner at a 5 star hotel all the time. They can’t stop loving their bae for lifetime.

6) They make so good food – Yummy, i am already feeling hungry

vadodara street food

From butter chicken to daal chawal, if you taste food at sindhis place, you will feel like going their again and again.

7) All of them are family oriented

hum saath saath hai family

For them family comes first, nothing is more important to them then family.They know how to respect elders and their family members.